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Netgear has introduced a home security system they have named Arlo. It is a pretty cool, completely wireless security cameras that you can install indoors or outside.

Arlo Pro 2 Weatherproof - Arlo Camera

Arlo Camera Security System

It also has 2 way audio, which is a fairly unique concept. The Arlo security systems are customizable to meet your particular needs. Packages include from 1 to 6 cameras.

  • 100% Wireless camera with no cords or you can plug it in
  • Indoor/outdoor use + water-resistant
  • HD Quality live streaming and recording
  • 130° wide angle camera lens
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 2-way audio with built-in speaker and mic, integrated with a Smartphone
  • Advanced motion and sound detection with integrated night vision
  • Local or cloud storage
  • 100+ decibel siren
  • Compatible with smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Arlo Pro 2 - Arlo Camera

Arlo Security Lights

Netgear has also introduced the Arlo Security Lights. These work intelligently by themselves or paired with your Arlo security camera. If your light detects motion, it can trigger the Arlo camera around the corner to start recording.

The lights are an obvious choice for placing near the entry points of your home or garage. They can also be used to illuminate an outdoor entertainment area, such as a backyard terrace or a swimming pool deck. The lights can be placed on a timer or a motion sensor.

Arlo Security Light - Arlo Camera

The cameras can be placed near entry points as well, or used inside the home. The system is great for deterring intruders.

However, it is also smart for keeping an eye on children sleeping, playing in another room, or even playing outside and swimming. Some users really like to check in on house pets while away from home.

With the 2-way audio, you can speak to someone at the front door from anywhere in the house. That is really convenient when you get deliveries or suspect there is an unwanted solicitor at the door.

Arlo and Amazon

A security system is only as good as the alerts it provides. This is another area where the Arlo camera is a winner. Not only can alerts be triggered whenever motion is sensed, but you can customize and schedule what events trigger the system.

Real-time alerts are sent to you via email or to the Arlo app. You can then watch live or recorded video streams and see motion event recordings. The app is available for your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. You can even watch up to four cameras simultaneously.

Arlo’s cloud storage capabilities are also a great selling point. Video footage is stored in the cloud, where you can view and share the footage for up to seven days.

You can also sync as many as fifteen cameras to a single account. With 200mb of storage capacity and optional upgrades to even higher capacities, space is never a problem, either.