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It is hard to think we are already in the month of July! I can honestly say July is my kids favorite month by far, the Fourth of July welcomes into this midsummer time with loud blows from the fireworks over the lake, roasted corn on the cob paired by Grandpa’s famous burgers and hot dogs. It only makes sense that July is National Ice Cream Month! What pairs better with summer than a cone of your favorite flavor?

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month (must be why he was my favorite president!) In the proclamation, President Reagan called for all people of the United States to observe this Month with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” What’s more appropriate than letting our cones overflow with homemade ice cream?

Huggies Wipe Ice Cream Day

No hand-crank? No problem! Follow along as we make our very own homemade ice cream. All you need are a few plastic bags, a handful of key ingredients and you can make ice cream at home, the old fashioned way.

Huggies Wipe Ice Cream Day

While we relax and enjoy our cold treat, don’t get a brain freeze by worrying about your kids faces and hands being sticky, keep Huggies® Wipes close by! Their Triple* layers are gentle on skin and thick enough to clean any mess!

Joeli making a ice cream

Huggies Wipe Ice Cream Day

While it takes roughly 50 licks to finish a single scoop ice cream cone, it will only take my girls 5 licks to get it on their nose! Huggies® Wipes has the gentle fighting power to clean your kids up faster than they can ask for a second helping.

Huggies Wipe Ice Cream Day

How to make your very own Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

Ingredients for the Ice Cream Bag:

  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream or half and half
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 1/2 tsp sugar

What to do:

  • Place these ingredients into a tightly sealed sandwich sized bag, pressing the air out as you seal it. Then put this into another tightly sealed sandwich bag.
  • Fill a gallon size resealable bag half-way full of ice cubes, and mix with 6 tablespoons of coarse kosher salt.
  • Place the sealed sandwich-size bag inside the ice and salt mixture. Seal the larger bag and try to remove any air you can. I doubled up on the gallon bags for extra reinforcement.
  • We took turns as a family shaking up the ice cream! Joeli would jump, Jaci would dance and Jaden took her turn running around the backyard shaking the homemade ice cream mixture.
  • Shake the bag for about15 minutes and reach in there for your well-earned ice cold treat. .

Now enjoy and Happy National Ice Cream Day!

It seems about 98% of U.S. families have ice cream in their fridges, at all times, that is an outstanding statistic, can you imagine the amount of sticky ice cream fingers that are out there?

Jaci Ice Cream Day

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