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As a child I loved visiting my grandparents’ lake house. Mom would pack us up into the car twice a month for the 45 minute ride. That ride seemed like it took forever to an excited child. One of my favorite things about Grandma and Grandpa’s house was that we always got to have ice cream. Grandma always had a pail of vanilla ice cream and a full bottle of chocolate syrup. Grandma would scoop two scoops of the ice cream into our bowls, and mom, with mom’s help until we could do it on our own, we got to put as much chocolate syrup on as we wanted.

Mothers Day Ice Cream

 Ice Cream and Family Memories

The ice cream was great, but it was only part of what made the treat so wonderful. We always had the ice cream near the end of our visit. Grandpa would sit in his recliner, while Grandma and Mom sat at the table with us kids. We would talk about everything we had done that day and what we wanted to do the next time we visited.
Grandma is gone now but every time I have vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup I think of her. My parents host family dinner at their house every Sunday, so sometimes I take ice cream and chocolate syrup just for the memories we recall and ones we are making.
Mothers Day Ice Cream Cake
 My mom’s version of the ice cream tradition is to have ice cream cake for special occasions. We have them for birthdays, anniversaries and other times of celebration. So this Mother’s Day, I am bringing ice cream to family dinner in the form of an ice cream cake. To be more specific, a luscious Strawberry Splendor Signature Cake from Cold Stone Creamery. The Strawberry Splendor is alternating layers of yellow cake, sweet cream ice cream and strawberry puree, all wrapped in white frosting and covered in a cascade of strawberry glaze. To me the Strawberry Splendor is an ice cream version of a summer time favorite, strawberry shortcake. It is rich and creamy, yet light and fresh. A perfect dessert to celebrate the many facets of a mother’s love, and our love for her.
My kids are all getting older now. In a few years when they start having their own children(hopefully.) I plan to make ice cream memories with my own grandchildren. I haven’t decided exactly what version I will do, but with the variety of Signature cakes available at Cold Stone Creamery, they are high on my list.

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