Disclosure: I was given a Genesis Bow to share with my kids to explore the sport of shooting a bow and arrow. All opinions are my own. #BullsIDidIt #spon

With the ringing in of the new year most people look to better them selves in some shape of fashion. One of the top new years resolutions is normal to loose weight or become more active. Studies show that being more active is beneficial in many ways for your body and mind. So this year we are taking a active stance on being more active and getting outdoors more. With our jobs and lifestyles we find ourselves indoors more than we need to.

The girls are at it again!!! #BullsIDidIt

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This year we are making the effort to teach the girls to learn how to accurately shoot a bow and arrow. Now you maybe asking why a bow and arrow? Let me give you a couple reasons.

Motivate Your Kids to Stay Active with Learning Archery

    1. Focus – Concentrating during archery practice can help you focus. Archers learn to tune out all distractions, focus on their form, and release the bowstring consistently.
    2. Strength – You might not think about it, but you can strengthen your arms, core, hands, chest and shoulders by practicing a proper draw. Trying to draw a bow with too much draw weight can cause injury, so begin by having a professional set your bow to the correct draw weight. Let Archery Help Motivate Your Kids to Stay Active #BullsIDidIt
    3. Coordination – One of the core pieces in shoot a bow and arrow is strict coordination. Place your feet. Nock your arrow. Grip the bow, but not too firmly. Push the bow away while pulling the bowstring. Find your anchor point. Release. Many of these steps take just a few seconds, but each affects your shot.
    4. Exercise – It is obvious that we are working our upper body when going threw the bow shooting motions.  Prevention magazine says drawing a bow burns about 140 calories per half-hour, the same as walking at a brisk, 3.5-mph pace. But, if you are also walking between targets and or course you can count on burning a few extra calories. Let Archery Help Motivate Your Kids to Stay Active #BullsIDidIt
    5. Confidence – In archery, you can compete against others or against yourself. But the sport isn’t just about hitting bull’s-eyes. Shooting your bow and improving your form with practice also builds self-esteem.
    6. Relaxation – I know when working with my daughters on their bow skills, they seem more calm and relaxed. After a few sets of shooting and watching, both 9 and 11 year old, has this sense of calmness. I guess it is a combination of the focus, strength training, coordination, and exercise outdoors.

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Let Archery Help Motivate Your Kids to Stay Active #BullsIDidIt

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