Some of us really know what we’re doing with fashion, while others tend to get a bit lost. Whether you’re a dude who always looks dapper or a clueless fashionista, most of us want to try and look smart. Improving your style can take a little effort, the first thing you need to do is find some style inspiration.

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Improve Your Style

Luckily there are so many places where you can get ideas. From podcasts to Instagram and fashion tips, you’ll soon rework your style for 2022.

Men’s Fashion Podcasts

Fashion podcasts are a great place to find style tips, let’s explore a few top picks. These podcasts are a great place to learn about fashion, from style ideas to the industry itself:

1 . Style & Direction

Style & direction is a podcast all about vintage and classic menswear. Each week Spencer & Ethan chat about men’s fashion, interviewing a range of stylish guests. A recent episode discussed the theme of ‘proportions and silhouette’, in this show you’ll find out how to gauge the right proportions for your style and body type. Other themes include ‘the going out look’, ‘business attire’, and ‘merch or branded clothing’. Whether you’re looking for men’s leather jackets or a classic pair of jeans, Style & Direction has all the tips you need.

2. Garmology

Garmology is a menswear podcast, focusing on collecting, buying, and appreciating clothing. The show seeks to offer ‘a non-fashion view of what men might wear if they knew more about fashion!’ If you want to look great, but you don’t know much about style, this is the podcast for you. Learn about a range of interesting themes including, ‘we need to talk about wool’, ‘unpicking sustainability’, and ‘the joy of clothes’.

Here you’ll learn about slow fashion, vintage, outdoorsy clothes, and fixing garments. For a laid-back and green approach to men’s fashion, you’ve come to the right place.

3. The Sneaker Podcast

The Sneaker Podcast is a chilled-out show where a group of guys sit down to talk all about sneakers, life and music. If you’re a sneaker enthusiast and you want some ideas about what to buy next this is the podcast for you. Expect a light podcast full of laughs. Discussions include ‘the five stages of happiness’ and ‘sneaker colors for the summer.’

4. Menswear Style Podcast

The Menswear Style Podcast is hosted by Peter Brooker, throughout these episodes, Pete speaks to a range of innovative brands, influential designers, and fashion entrepreneurs. To get style inspiration or industry insights, tune in to Menswear Style. In a recent episode, Pete interviews Zofia and Alex Torun-Shaw, Co-Founders of Laird Hatters.

5. Corporate Lunch-GQ Style

The corporate lunch podcast is brought to you by GQ style, here you can expect designer interviews, fashion industry chat, and plenty of insider tips. Here you’ll get the low-down about ‘The New American SportsWear’, ‘The Best Of Fashion Week’, and plenty more.

6. On The Cuff

On The Cuff, This podcast is brought to you by ‘’. Each week Andy discusses the world of men’s fashion, including trends and fashion news. These shows cover a range of simple topics including ‘Dressing For Warm Weather’, and ‘Do The Clothes Make The Man.’

7. Men’s Fashion Influencers

If you’re looking for style inspiration why not check out a few fashion influencers? Instagram can be a great place to find a few style ideas. According to Fashion Beans, these are some of the best fashion influencers right now:

Allen Walker: 

Looking for a casual and effortless look? Allen can show you how to get an understated Alabama style. While Alabama may not have a great fashion reputation, you’ll certainly be impressed with these men’s casual fashion ideas.

The Sartorialist: 

Scott Schuman is well known for his street style looks, drawing inspiration from all across the globe. If you’re keen to shake up your style this year you’ll certainly want to check out this account.

Jonathan Daniel Pryce: 

Jonathan is a photographer as well as a fashionista, here you’ll get your daily dose of style plus plenty of inspiration to travel the world.

Thousand Yard Style: Another top Insta account to get a fashion inspiration, you’ll love these stand-out street style garments. For your 2022 fashion ideas, look no further.

6. Men’s Fashion Magazines 

Men’s fashion magazines are another great place to find style tips. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out these starting points:

GQ Magazine: One of the top publications for men’s fashion, GQ has got plenty of info on the latest trends. If you need recommendations or want to learn about the most popular men’s brands, GQ has got you covered.

Primer Magazine: This magazine focuses on affordable fashion for guys, there are also plenty of articles about personal development and career. It’s not your run-of-the-mill men’s magazine, but you’ll certainly get some creative ideas.

MITT: ‘Men In This Town’ is an Australian publication, focusing on street style in Sydney. The magazine features real men with great taste, it’s all about ‘capturing the everyday man in his natural habitat.’ If you’re looking for a chilled-back approach to Aussie fashion make sure you check out this publication.

ESQUIRE: Long-running men’s magazine Esquire has a seriously cool style section. If you’re looking for trendy and casual picks for 2022, these articles have lots of neat ideas. With these tips, creating a new look is effortless.

From fashion magazines to podcasts and social media there are lots of places to find fashion ideas. You might even get a few ideas while watching your favorite movies or TV series? With lots of resources to work with you’ll soon reboot your style.

Men’s style tips for 2022

Once you’ve made your way through these resources you’ll have plenty of ideas to revamp your style. Finding your personal style takes a little trial and error, it’s all about learning what suits you, and which garments to avoid. To help you continue your fashion journey, here are a few general tips to help you put looks together.

1. Keep it sustainable

When you’re reinventing your wardrobe you must keep sustainability in mind. There are many different ways that you can create a sustainable wardrobe, including:

  • Consider shopping for vintage or second-hand clothing.
  • Declutter your wardrobe and get rid of anything that you don’t wear.
  • Invest in high-quality clothing that lasts.
  • Avoid fast fashion items that will easily break.
  • Practice mindful shopping, resist the urge to overspend.
  • Recycle or upcycle clothing garments where possible.
  • Research the brands that you buy, (try to support green fashion as much as you can).

2. Oversized cardigans

An oversized cardigan is a real must-have for your 2022 wardrobe. These garments are super versatile, perfect for an effortless smart-casual look. Trendy knitwear is the best way to dress down and stay comfy. To create a subtle look, earthy tones are big this year. If you’re feeling a little more daring, get involved with pastels or even neon tones.

Figuring out the color schemes that suit you is all part of finding your style. If you’re unsure it can be helpful to get a second opinion.

3. Garish patterns

Perhaps you’re looking to make a statement with your style this year? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that garish patterns are bang on-trend. Expect botanicals, animal prints, geometric patterns, plaid, and stripes, (all mixed up)! If you’re feeling bold, try layering two different patterns to complete your look. Dressing in eccentric patterns is a great way to stand out and create a unique style.

4. Light tunic shirts

When spring and summer come around light tunic style shirts are going to be everywhere. The great thing about tunic shirts is that they are incredibly versatile, you can pair these with just about anything. There are a few different styles of tunic shirts, for instance, the long tunic, kaftan, or a tunic style jacket. Tunics don’t suit everyone, so try on a few options before you commit.

Look out for earth-kind fabrics, for example, organic cotton, soy cashmere, bamboo, or hemp. It’s important to think carefully about the fabrics that you purchase.

5. Vintage throwbacks

In 2021 throwback styles from the ’90s dominated the fashion scene. In 2022 we can expect to see plenty more of that noughties style. If you’d like to take style inspiration from the 90’s try biker jackets, overalls, cargo pants, and turtlenecks. Denim was also all the rage in the ‘90s. But then again, this fashion staple never goes out of style, so it’s still a must for any man’s closet. You can’t go wrong with a versatile denim jacket. Another great investment is a pair of trusty jeans that can go with any outfit. Find one that fits just right, and you’re all set.

Of course, there are plenty of ways that you can make a style your own. If you’re not sold on the 90s style, experiment with something a little different. Don’t make the mistake of wearing something that doesn’t look good, just because it’s trending.

The takeaway

These resources and tips are all you need to improve your style in 2022. Remember, before you start shopping it can be useful to have a budget in mind. If you’re unsure about your style, it’s best to keep it simple. Start with classic clothing before you experiment with more flamboyant styles.