We know that though a lot of men have impeccable style and a great sense of fashion (regardless of what stereotypes suggest as to men having no fashion sense at all).

Top view of black and brown pairs of leather shoes on wooden floor

Date Night Outfits for Men

We understand that some men do have trouble when given a number of choices to choose from, and this can be a problem when you’ve got a date coming up and have no idea what kind of outfit to wear to really impress the woman you’re interested in! 

If this is why you’re here, then you’re in luck because we’ve put together the only guide (and the simplest guide, if we’re being honest) you’ll need to save you from making any fashion errors on your big day. So let’s dive right in and make sure you’ve found the right outfit by the end of this article!

1. Dress for the occasion (and the weather!)

We don’t know which super fun place you’re headed to for your date, so we’re going to make this list as open as possible so you can make your pick from it. The first rule to remember is to dress according to the place and occasion you’re heading out for – if you’re going on a date to play mini-golf, you can throw on a solid polo shirt and be good to go, but if you’re going to a 5 star restaurant, you may want to wear a high-end shirt from Balmain or a similar brand to really look classy and make your date feel like you put in the effort to look good for her. 

Of course, turning up in regular clothes isn’t something you can’t do, but chances are that you’ll make it seem like the date isn’t that special to you since she’s probably going to be spending a lot of time and effort in her makeup and hair if you’re going to a fancy place. So to stay on the safer side, let the occasion and the venue choose your outfit!

Make sure you feel confident in whatever you choose, and don’t forget to check the weather before heading out. There’s nothing worse than being dressed inappropriately for the weather on a date – trust us. Finding very comfortable shoes that are also stylish can be a game-changer for your outfit and confidence. Moreover, make sure you dress for your body type and choose an outfit that flatters your figure.

2. Colors matter

You could own a wardrobe full of the most beautiful clothes, but if you don’t know how to pair them, you could end up looking like a clown. In all seriousness, pairing the right clothes together is an under-appreciated art, as it takes a lot of time and a good eye to see what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a quick tip to help you out—what is your style? Is it loud and fancy or subtle and sleek? If you’re the first, you could choose a nice floral ensemble and pair it with a pair of jeans that fit you well. Florals are in this season and you’re definitely going to look in style when you turn up. If you’re not really a floral person and would like to look more traditional, we recommend going with darker colors. Darker colors usually make men look more attractive (like red does on women), so if you’re heading out for a movie and dinner, you couldn’t go wrong with a navy blue or black shirt!

3. Use mufflers and coats as accents

You could be wearing the most basic outfit, but throw on a muffler and a coat and you suddenly look like a millionaire heading out for an evening stroll. We’re kidding, but you definitely want to use these additions to make your outfit look better, especially if you live in colder regions!