Big guys often have trouble finding their fashion style without spending too much on a new wardrobe or alterations. When in fact, being stylish requires only owning a few basic pieces and combining them in a way that suits your body.

Fashion Ideas For Big Guys

Fashion Ideas For Big Guys

The way you put them together can make a world of difference. Here are the top 6 fashion ideas for big guys that will help you look put together.

Simple, Lightweight Materials

Since you already have an imposing presence, it’s a good idea to choose clothes that won’t accentuate size. This means solid colors and larger patterns that complement your body shape. If you want to add a more vivid color, you can also do it with an accessory, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Besides the color, you should also pay attention to the fabric of your clothes. Lighter materials will always fall on smoother or heavier guys, and they won’t make you look bulky. Plus, you will sweat less in them, which is another plus.

Wearing Shirts Untucked

Wearing shirts untucked makes them fall flat, which draws less attention to your waistline. For a formal social occasion, go for dress shirts with flattering round hems designed to be worn untucked and over your trousers. Business attire usually includes a suit jacket, so you won’t have trouble hiding your tucked-in dress shirts. If you are going for a more casual look, you can also wear polos and summer shirts the same way. During the colder months, you can tuck in your shirt, but wear a light sweater over it that will hide your waistline. 

Larger Accessories

A man with big body proportions will need bigger accessories too. Plus, this can be a great way to add your personality into your style, something a large man often struggles with. Show off a watch with an oversized case, add a touch of color with a large tie, make yourself look taller with a hat, or wear anything else that you want people to notice.

For a bold statement, he could even find a dragon necklace that perfectly complements his powerful aura. Whether it’s a silver pendant or a gold-encrusted masterpiece, the dragon necklace is sure to make heads turn.

A high-quality, fashionable, and well-designed leather wallet is a must-have for any man. That is why it is important to select the one that best meets your requirements.  Just make your choice from the wide range of Alpine Swiss men’s wallets. A large wallet may be the ideal option for a big guy; besides, it is large enough to hold cash, cards, and IDs.

You can convey the presence you want to as it’s only the matter of choosing the right accessories. They complete an outfit and will raise your confidence levels, regardless of your weight.

Broader Collars

If you are a big guy, you probably have a broader face and neck, as well. Getting shirts and jackets with a spread collar can help balance the proportions of your face and will fit much comfortably on your frame. It will also leave room for a thinker tie and the large knot you need to tie to make everything look more put together and stylish. Look for a separation wider than 45 degrees between the two collar points. Try on a few styles to see which degree suits you the best, and opt for that one from then on.

Overalls for Sports and Labor

This tip can be a lifesaver for multiple reasons. For one, the classic, manly style helps smooth out the material on your belly, making the fit comfortable and more flattering. In addition, there could be nothing more annoying than having to pull your shirt down and your trousers up after each movement during labor or sports activities. Wearing waders for men with a big belly can save you from all that hassle and protect your shirt from damage at the same time. Waders come in many colors and styles – all flattering for larger men and suitable for outdoor activities. This ensures that everyone can find the one that fits their needs and body the best.

Switching to Suspenders

After a tucked-in shirt, the second thing that draws unwanted attention to your middle is a belt. If you have a large belly, this accessory won’t do much good for you anyway, so you might as well swap in from some fashionable suspenders. Instead of bunching up your trousers, suspenders let the material fall naturally. Get trousers with built-in suspender anchors as these are better quality and look much neater than the metal clamp style. They may cost a little more, but the flattering look and being able to wear them for years to come will all be worth it.

Being fashionable and stylish simply means paying attention to how clothes fit you – and this is true for all sizes. Big guys just have to be a little more conscious about clothes and accessories that flatter their figures. More often than not, these pieces will be a lot more comfortable as well, so it’s a clear win for you.

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that cater to larger guys – you just have to be patient in finding the one that offers the clothes that fit you and make you look stylish and neat.