We want to look after our parents when they’ve taken such good care of us in our younger years.

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However, it’s not always easy to manage a personal life and all that comes with having a life of your own, as well as helping elderly parents.

There are some helpful tips that can help when it comes to balancing all these spinning plates at once. If there are elderly parents living far away, then here are a few tips on how to look after them effectively.

Keep in contact with them regularly 

It can be hard to be there physically but with the power of technology nowadays, staying in contact with others is easy. From phone calls to email and video calls, there are many ways to get in touch with loved ones, even if they are over the other side of the world.

Whether they’re in another country or just an hour or two away, keep in contact with them regularly. As we get older, those who are elderly, tend to get forgotten about as the younger family members go out and live their lives. Keep in contact with a regular phone call or video call every other day or week depending on the schedule.

Equip them with the right emergency tools

For some parents, they may be at risk where they’re more likely to fall over or experience an injury whereby they need to get help. With some family members not being around all the time or living far away, alarms for the elderly can be an ideal tool for them to have.

Equipping parents with the right emergency tools to use when they need assistance, is going to provide peace of mind for those who worry.

Get professional support where required

While it’s important to let people live independently for as long as they physically and mentally can, it’s good to have support. For some families, it might be a worthwhile option to have professional support made available as and when the elderly parent needs it.

Provide helpful suggestions on a routine

Routine can be a great way of keeping the elderly busy but not only that, it provides structure and an awareness of what they’re up to when family members can’t be with them.

Try to provide some helpful suggestions on what they can do throughout the day or week in order to keep them on their feet and active.

Make sure there’s a local network of connections available

To help with the communication between the parents and oneself, try to create a network of connections. This can be good during those times when one family member might not be available to go visit, check in, or help out with an errand that needs running.

Having this network of connections, from family members, close friends, and neighbors, it can all be helpful to ensure they’re well looked after.

While it’s challenging to do, it’s something that many of us are given the task of doing once the parents have become the grandparents.

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