Although most distractions that lead to car accidents are due to drivers themselves, there are certain cases where the distraction comes from an outside source. Distracted driving can be dangerous and even deadly.

How To Avoid Distracted Driving, Useful Pieces Of Advice To Help You Avoid Distracted Driving, Days of a Domestic Dad

And so, driving requires full attention from the driver, of which their complete concentration should be on the road and not on anything else.

Many drivers have been involved in distraction-related accidents. If you’re in such a situation while in Pasadena, contact a Pasadena distracted driving accident lawyer to help you in filing a claim. In the meantime, there is helpful advice that you can consider to help prevent distracted driving from combating this issue.

1. Monitor Your Speed

Excessive speeding is a common cause of distracted driving accidents, as it can engender road rage and make it difficult for drivers to react quickly enough in emergencies. One easy way to avoid speeding is by simply monitoring your speed at all times and not going faster than what feels comfortable for you to handle. If necessary, pull over if you need to go faster, especially when passing through highway roads or overtaking other vehicles. People tend to go faster on those kinds of roads, which require more attention from the driver.

2. Avoid Using Your Cellphone While Driving

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving because it requires you to take your eyes off the road.

Not only are you distracted from the task at hand, which is driving, but using your cellphone while operating a vehicle can also cause you to be easily distracted by incoming messages and calls.

If possible, avoid using your cellphone while behind the wheel or using it, then either pull over on the side or use speakerphone mode to don’t have to touch it, which requires both hands to operate.

3. Listen To The Radio Rather Than An Audiobook

Audiobooks are entertaining, but they require one’s full attention. It is best not to listen to them while behind the wheel, as this can lead to distractions. Instead, opt for listening to music by tuning into FM channels that broadcast news updates instead of audiobooks if you must keep yourself occupied with something during your car rides.

4. Turn Off The Car Alarm

Car alarms may be a good theft deterrent, but they can also cause accidents. If you have one installed in your vehicle, make sure to turn it off. This can lead you to focus more on its sound than outside your car when on the road.

Which requires you to look away from the road. An alarm is only useful if you are inside the car because its main purpose is to deter thieves from breaking your car’s window or stealing something valuable which requires you to stop the vehicle.

5. Be Alert For Pedestrians And Cyclists When Driving In A City Environment

Driving in a busy city entails heightened awareness and attention from drivers.

This is due to boundless opportunities for distractions such as pedestrians, cyclists, potholes, and other obstacles that quickly appear out of nowhere or come into sudden view within a fraction of a second’s notice, so one must be quick to react.

If you find yourself in a city environment with heavy foot traffic, be prepared to stop suddenly and quickly if need be.

6. Beware Of The Dangers That Occur When Driving At Night

Driving at night is more complex than driving during the day because most drivers tend to forget that it is even harder for them to see less sunlight.

You should drive more cautiously on long road trips or when driving along winding roads, especially during the night, so as not to cause an accident due to distracted driving caused by lack of visibility which can lead you crashing into trees or poles.

Always keep your headlights on such other vehicles on the road to notice you quickly and prevent yourself from having accidents during nighttime driving.

In conclusion, it is best to be more aware of these pieces of advice to prevent distracted driving. These accidents are caused by negligence and can be easily prevented by ensuring you’re well aware of your surroundings when out on the road. Furthermore, it is best to do all of these when in the car if accidents occur.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so don’t take any risks when distracted driving can result in life-changing injuries or even death.