Bicycle accidents are a common occurrence. Thousands of people are injured every year, and some even die as a result of these road mishaps. It’s important to know the most common causes of bicycle accidents so that you can avoid them in the future. This blog post will discuss some safety tips for cyclists as well and why they’re important!

, The Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents And How To Avoid Them, Days of a Domestic Dad

Most common causes of bicycle accidents

  • Cyclists are not visible to drivers

One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents is that the cyclist is not visible to drivers. Whether cyclists are riding at night or during the day, they must obey traffic laws and stay on well-lit roads so that motorists can see them. Many road mishaps happen because cars turn directly in front of a bicyclist who seemed to appear from nowhere.

Know you bike size

Here is an easy-to-follow bike size chart by height. Many people also call the following information a bike frame size chart. The chart takes into consideration your height and the size of the bike’s frame. Clearly, certain heights compliment certain frames. The following table is the criteria followed to make the bike size determination.

Nevertheless, a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer in Harrisonburg suggests that if you ever find yourself in this type of road mishap, make sure to get in touch with a legal expert. They will be able to provide you with sound advice on the next steps that you need to take to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries accordingly.

  • Disobedience to traffic laws and rules

Another common cause of bicycle accidents is that the cyclist or other road motorists were not obeying traffic laws and rules, such as running stop signs or red lights. Cyclists and other road users must always follow all rules to avoid any unfortunate scenario on the road. This applies whether you’re riding on city streets or country roads. It’s important to comply with all traffic laws and signals because they are designed and implemented to foster the safety of people on the road.

  • Intoxication

Bicycle accidents can also occur when cyclists ride while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Riding a bike while drunk can lead to life-threatening injuries, so riders need to remain sober when they get on their bicycles. 

How to avoid the causes of bicycle accidents

To avoid the most common causes of bicycle accidents listed above, riders must take extra precautions. You should exert the effort to follow traffic rules and ensure that you are visible to motorists. If you’re riding at night, make sure that your bike has lights on it, so motorists can see you coming from a distance!

Additionally, ride on well-lit roads, wear reflective clothing and helmets at all times when riding your bicycle because these can also help you avoid serious injuries. Just make sure your helmet is fitted correctly to avoid head injuries if a road mishap does happen.

  • Don’t ride while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

Another cause of accidents is intoxication. If you drink, don’t ride your bike because it’s important for riders to be very alert while biking in traffic conditions. Remember, you can’t control your bike as you would normally do while sober. Your reaction time slows down, and it’s harder to make quick decisions when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Maintain vigilance for road conditions

Finally, bicyclists must be aware of their surroundings at all times because not every condition is perfect. There may be potholes in the road and other obstacles that you need to pay attention to. Always remain vigilant for your safety while riding on any type of road.

What to do if you get into an accident

In case you already got involved in a bicycle accident, there are several things that you need to do. One is calling the police to report the incident and file an official statement. You must do this, so your legal rights are protected if ever you decide to take legal action against someone else in court. 

You can also call a lawyer or bicycle injury attorney for further guidance on what steps should be taken next, especially when insurance companies get involved in these types of incidents. Just make sure that you’re safe and not in a hurry to leave the scene of an accident because it’s essential for police officers or investigators to take down your official statement when they arrive on the scene, so be patient even if there are serious injuries involved.

The best way to avoid bicycle accidents is by following the rules of the road and being mindful of your surroundings. Keep in mind that wearing a helmet, reflective clothing, and lights at nighttime will greatly increase your safety while riding on roads or bike lanes with other vehicles. If you do happen to get into an accident, whether it be through weather hazards such as flooding or just getting hit by an errant car door, make sure you protect yourself from injury with the tips listed above for safe riding.