There are dozens of causes for maritime accidents. Slip and falls, bad weather and improper usage of equipment are just a few of the more common maritime accidents that occur. Machinery failure is the leading cause of maritime accidents. In fact, over the last 10 years, the shipping industry has seen an increase in machine failure. And even though machine failure isn’t always a result of negligence, far too often negligence or human error plays a big part in an unfortunate set of circumstances.

Repair Costs

If you are the victim of an accident at sea that could have been avoided, it’s in your best interest to have smart maritime accident attorneys on your side. And even if your circumstances were unavoidable, you may still be entitled to compensation. One of the main reasons accidents caused by machinery failure are on the rise is the steadily climbing costs of maintenance and repair. WIth fewer and more expensive replacement parts available, many shipping companies try to forego some maintenance and repairs to better meet their budgets and increase profits. This very negligent practice is becoming more and more prevalent in the industry as the demand for mechanics and parts increases and the supply decreases. Time is also a factor in this, as many parts need to be custom made or are backordered.

Human Error

Simple yet costly errors are another big factor in accidents. Experience and proper training is a must, and when it is not prioritized, human error is much more likely to become an issue. Another contributor to human error is fatigue. Many seamen are working long hours and getting little rest. This is a recipe for disaster, as seafaring requires you to be alert and aware. Reckless and irresponsible behavior is another reason accidents happen. Drugs, alcohol and horseplay have no place on a ship. Everyone aboard a vessel needs to be committed to safety and responsibility to decrease the likelihood of avoidable maritime accidents.


Sometimes things just get lost in translation. Miscommunication between colleagues happens all too often, and it can sometimes result in accidents where someone is severely injured or loses their life. With multinational crews becoming increasingly common, it’s easier than ever for miscommunication to occur. Poor communication is just as harmful. If someone isn’t sure how to properly care for machinery or receives unclear instruction on how to care for or handle a piece of machinery, bad results can follow. Unfavorable consequences can be avoided when everyone is clear about their role, how to best execute it and go about the upkeep and operation of various machinery.

Working at sea is inherently dangerous. There are lots of things that can go wrong at any time for a variety of reasons. Whether you work in a port, as a longshoreman, aboard a ship or on an offshore platform, accidents can happen. It’s a physically demanding job and constantly puts you at risk. Representation is a must if you find yourself the victim of an accident.