Home humidity level has been known to impact a home’s comfortability, regardless of the climate and the location of your home. That’s why achieving ideal home humidity levels should always be one of the priorities to consider in home improvement projects.

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Ideal Home Humidity Levels

Humid air can cause dampness inside the house, which can damage paint, wallpaper, furniture, foul odors, mildew, and mold on your home’s surface.

Moisture in the home isn’t always apparent as water in the window. Finding hidden places where water accumulates can be a great help to prevent it easily. It’s not that difficult to control the humidity level in your home. With the proper knowledge of how to go about it would really make a difference.

Here are some easy and creative ways to achieve ideal home humidity levels to boost comfort inside your homes:

Install Humidifiers

Installing humidifiers happens to be one of the best and easiest methods for controlling your home’s humidity during winter. A professional can help you establish a whole-home system or you can opt for a budget-friendly portable humidifier that could be ideal for a small area.

Humidifiers are an excellent option to control humidity in your home. They ensure the exact humidity level to make you comfortable and healthy while protecting your home appliances, like furniture, carpet, and wallpaper.

Also, it would be helpful to place an indoor weather meter inside your house to know the exact humidity level. 

Often than not people tend to confuse humidifiers and air purifiers. To set things straight, air purifiers don’t have the function to make the air in the surroundings dry. It simply improves the mood by eliminating things that will encourage dry air like dust, dander, and pollen.

Consequently, if the primary function you’re looking for is to remove moisture from the surface, then humidifiers should be purchased and utilized.

If you’re leaning to place air purifiers in some space in your home. You can search online for different types of air purifier brands, or read on some post by Humidity Fixers to learn more about its functions.

Adding Houseplants To Your Home

House plants add to the aesthetics and ambiance of a home. It also helps in purifying the air within that specific space and aids in controlling humidity levels.

An adequately maintained plant will release vapor to the atmosphere through the leaves and stems. The soil that holds the houseplants also has water that slowly evaporates.

Don’t’ forget that houseplants are the best natural humidity controller you can use, as long as they’re watered regularly for added moisture.

Installing Air Conditioner

Installing an air conditioner (AC) helps remove moisture from your space and provides the best humidity for homes. In most scenarios, dehumidifiers can be used if you want to remove all the water.

Also, there are factors to consider in choosing a perfect air conditioner, such as its size, horsepower, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

Moreover, air conditioners are very useful in homes because they provide and maintain the ideal level of humidity in the space to prevent you from getting asthma attacks, reduce the risk of dehydration, and provide better sleep.

Upgrading Your Windows And Doors

During the winter season doors and windows with cracked glass and unsecured frames tend to leak moisture and heat out of the house.  

Limit humidity and heat loss by upgrading or repairing your doors and windows to be more efficient and functional to control the heat and moisture to leak outside.

But if your budget is tight and you can’t afford modern windows and doors. Consider using weatherstripping to seal out the cracks.

Install Exhaust Fans

Installing exhaust fans is one of the cost-efficient ways to control humidity in your home. An exhaust fan circulates air within your space, and as we all know, air circulation prevents humidity buildup inside the house.

Furthermore, exhaust fans suck in air particles from your space and vent them outside your home. This would be effective, especially during the summer. There are a lot of types of exhaust fans in the market that will guarantee comfort and coolness in your home.

Use Your Shower Steam

Anytime you take a shower, some steam is released into the air. It’s advised to leave the door open to utilize the extra moisture released. If it isn’t possible due to privacy, leave the door or the curtains open when done. 

Don’t use the built-in bathroom fan, as it’s designed to suck in extra air in the bathroom, but instead let it be released in the surrounding.

Smart Controllers

Intelligent controllers are now being introduced to the market, which you can automatically control, monitor, and maintain your humidity levels without the need to move around.

These intelligent controllers include mini-split-type thermostats and smart air conditioning. More so, these controllers have been made accessible through mobile apps for more convenience. 


The humidity level in your living space affects both your comfort and overall health. A better understanding of what humidity level is and it’s effects on your environment will lead you to make better choices while minimizing it’s problem.

Likewise, achieving an ideal home humidity level can lead to lower energy bills through the use of other cost-efficient tools and ways.

Check on the above article to guide you through some effective ways in achieving the ideal humidity levels inside your home.

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