One great thing about motorcycles is that they are essentially blank canvases, and you can always choose to customize your motorcycle with a wide variety of motorcycle gadgets and accessories.

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If you’re striving for better performance, but can’t afford a new motorcycle with better specs, then you’re likely looking for upgrades. Upgrading a motorcycle can help you get the most value out of what you currently own. Generally, when choosing upgrades, it’s best to start with those that improve the safety of your motorcycle. Here are some upgrades to start with:


The grip from high-performance tires translates to improved power and performance onto the road. Tires provide your motorcycle with traction and they also improve the acceleration rate of your motorcycle. Performance tires improve traction, to a point that they even help maintain traction when navigating sharp turns and corners. This helps reduce the risk of losing control during sharp turns, along with helping your motorcycle maintain traction, even on wet roads.

Aftermarket Lights

Most headlights that are pre-installed in your cars are not nearly as bright as aftermarket headlights. Some aftermarket headlights and underbody lights like those from XK Glow are even more durable than their stock counterparts. Aftermarket headlights are also often more stylish and colorful than pre-installed headlights.

This contributes to your safety by improving visibility and helping you see better, along with helping you be seen by others. Most accidents happen because the other motorists failed to see the motorcycle until it was too late.

Performance Brakes

Upgrading your brakes is one of the most important upgrades that you can give your motorcycle. Higher-quality brake parts can last longer, decrease stopping distance, perform better under extreme conditions and improve your vehicle’s safety. Getting the right set of brake pads made for your particular riding style will always be worth your time and money.

Thankfully, if you are a Yamaha owner you can easily find any kind of brake pad from a wide variety of brands. There is no shortage of Yamaha parts, regardless of the year or model of your motorcycle. From brake pads to rotors, you can easily upgrade the performance and ensure the safety of your motorcycle.

Performance Suspension Kits

A better suspension kit doesn’t just improve riding comfort. It also improves the stability of your motorcycle at high speeds. Road debris is one of the worst things you can encounter as you speed down the highway. While a suspension kit doesn’t prevent accidents, it greatly improves your ability to maintain control of your motorcycle. Ride comfort is vastly underrated when riding long distances. The more comfortable you are with the ride quality, the less strain your body experiences during your trip. This helps you stay focused and helps you sustain your riding position longer before getting fatigued.

Exhaust Wrap

Think of an exhaust wrap as a fire blanket. It essentially functions as a glass weave cloth that insulates heat. The hotter the exhaust gas, the faster it leaves the fuel line, effectively emptying the combustion chamber much quicker. By adding an exhaust wrap, there will be a noticeable reduction in temperature, reducing the rate at which spent fuel leaves your exhaust. This serves to improve both your motorcycle’s horsepower and fuel efficiency.

While there are numerous other motorcycle upgrades, these are a few that are well worth the money. Remember to invest in upgrades that improve safety and durability before making any other modifications.