There are few things more exciting than buying a new motorcycle. Adding a new or pre-owned motorcycle to a garage will always be fun and memorable.

, About to Buy a New Motorbike? Make Sure to Get These 7 Accessories Too, Days of a Domestic Dad
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About to Buy a New Motorbike?

Even the most satisfying motorcycle purchase can be enhanced, though, with the addition of some carefully selected accessories. The following seven items belong on the shopping list of anyone who is getting ready to buy a motorbike of any kind.

1. A Helmet

Whether for those who need a vehicle for transportation to work or weekend warriors, no motorcycle accessory is more important than a helmet. Scooter riders might be able to justify going without them, but the speeds motorcycles so easily achieve make helmets mandatory for every safety-conscious rider.

Fortunately, choosing an appropriate, protective helmet never needs to be a hassle. Any helmet worth buying and wearing will be certified to protect motorcycle riders well.

Also look out for the best motorcycle helmets for wind noise as they go a long way in making you more comfortable on the ride!

2. Other Protective Gear

Helmets protect against head injuries, but motorcycle riders can succumb to other types of trauma, too. Leathers or even thick denim clothes will make painful road rash a lot less likely in the event of a crash.

Many riders also find it wise to wear substantial boots that safeguard their feet and lower legs. Gloves can make everyday riding more comfortable and also provide welcome protection if your bike ever goes down.

3. A Bluetooth Headset

Careful, responsible drivers often use wireless headsets to make and take hands-free calls while on the road. Motorcyclists need to be even more committed to keeping their hands where they belong.

Riding a motorcycle is also noisier than sitting in the sound-dampened cabin of a car. A Bluetooth headset that connects to a bike’s audio system will always be nice to have set up.

, About to Buy a New Motorbike? Make Sure to Get These 7 Accessories Too, Days of a Domestic Dad

4. A Theft Prevention Device

Motorcycles can be tempting targets for thieves, especially those who know what to look for. A simple lock that fits around a disc brake will make it far more difficult to ride off with a motorbike or roll it up into the bed of a truck.

Many motorcycle owners also find it wise to equip their prized possessions with GPS tracking devices. That will make it easier for the police to recover a bike that was stolen.

5. A Phone Mount

Even motorcyclists who love to get away from it all typically keep their smartphones handy. A secure, reliable mount will make a smartphone’s screen visible at all times.

While it is important to always act responsibly, motorcyclists often find that smartphone mounts help with everything from routine navigation to communication in emergencies. As an especially inexpensive accessory, a high-quality smartphone mount will almost always be worth purchasing.

6. A Video Camera

Drivers are not always as aware or respectful of motorcyclists as they should be. Having a camera capturing footage at all times is a sure way to set the record straight in the event of an accident.

Even when its output will not be needed for such serious reasons, a motorcycle-mounted camera can be nice to have. Some riders enjoy sharing footage of recent trips with others, for example.

, About to Buy a New Motorbike? Make Sure to Get These 7 Accessories Too, Days of a Domestic Dad
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7. A Tire Pump

Motorcycle tires are designed to be inflated to pressure levels several times higher than those typical of cars. That forces air to seep out more quickly than inexperienced riders generally expect.

Every motorcyclist will want to have a high-quality tire pump waiting at home. That will make it easy to top up tires whenever they need it and to keep riding safely, as a result.

While there are plenty of other motorcycle accessories that can be worth buying, these seven belong in every rider’s collection. Whether for first-time buyers or veterans, purchasing any of these products can easily pay off.