No one can live forever, not even the wealthiest or the smartest people. As the years go by, some of your loved ones will pass away, leaving you with heartbreak mixed with happy memories.

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Honor Your Deceased Loved One

Given that nobody can turn back time, all a person can do is to remember and honor everything their deceased relatives and friends did while they were still alive.

Honoring a departed loved one is necessary as it shows how much you respect them. It’s something you can do to convey the value they’ve brought to your life. Listed below are just some of the many touching ways you can honor someone who’s passed away.

  1. Hold A Formal Funeral 

The least you can do to honor a deceased individual is to hold a formal funeral for them. This is a sign of respect and appreciation for the life they’ve spent on Earth, and it gives people the opportunity to mourn and tell the other attendees about the happy experiences they’ve had with the person. It’s also an ideal way to bid your farewells and be with your loved one physically one last time.

In holding a funeral for your late relative or friend, it’d be better if you could find a funeral service that’d enable you to do everything in a solemn, proper way. This would help you focus on your emotions and grieve without having to think about anything else. By browsing websites such as, you’ll be able to plan a beautiful, heartwarming funeral that your loved one deserves.

  1. Donate To Charity

If your loved one passed away due to an illness, donating to a charity that focuses on helping people with similar cases would be a great idea. In doing so, you can support other people going through the same path and look for ways to better their lives or provide them with the means to recover.

Donating to charity isn’t just an honorable way to respect the passing of your loved one but also a chance to give other people the gift of healing and enjoying what life has to offer. You’ll essentially be hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. Gather Family And Friends On The Death Anniversary

Once a person has passed, it’d be best to remember and mark their death anniversary. While visiting their grave is always a great idea, you should also consider gathering close family and friends to be with you on that special day. This’ll help you realize that you’re not alone in your grief, and everyone who joins you can reminisce on any great memories they have of the person.

As you all get together for your loved one’s death anniversary, you can let the day be as simple as you want. If the departed individual enjoyed having picnics at the park and playing certain games, you can opt for those activities and do them every time the person’s death anniversary comes around.

  1. Get A Tattoo

There are just some events in your life that’ll be difficult to get through no matter how much people say that it’s going to be okay. While the harsh reality might still not sink in, getting a tattoo in memory of the person would let you feel that they’re with you all the time. In this way, you can look at your tattoo anytime and be reminded of how happy your loved one made you and how big of a role they played in your life.

There are plenty of design options you can choose from should you decide to get inked. You can either choose to tattoo the person’s face, name, birthday, handwritten words, or even their favorite quote. You can work personally on the design with talented San Diego tattoo artists to be sure that you get exactly what you want.

And if you live in Switzerland, you will find plenty of artists who specialize in memorial tattoos that could help you bring your idea to life. These Bern tattoo professionals are well-known for their exquisite designs and attention to detail, so you’ll surely get a beautiful memorial tattoo that will make you feel connected to your loved one.

Moreover, some tattoo establishments allow you to mix the pigment with a tiny amount of the deceased person’s ashes, making the outcome more personal and heartfelt.

  1. Do Not Stop Traditions 

If your deceased loved one used to do something every year or every time something unique happened, you should continue what they were doing and turn it into a tradition. This could even be something that’ll run in your family from one generation to the next.

It might be a bit saddening to do at first since you’re bound to miss your late loved one, but it’ll be a wonderful way to honor them. Carrying out the tradition will allow you and your entire family to commemorate the person for as long as possible. Also, you’ll feel their presence even if they’re no longer physically there.


Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult for everyone. While there’s no way to reverse what’s happened in reality, the best thing you can do is to honor the person. This way, you can look back on the times you were together, celebrate all the good they’ve done for others, and express your gratitude for their immense contribution to your life.