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How Do You Get Your Family Together

With a large family of 8, it can sometimes be challenging to get everyone together for holidays or special events. For instance with Cheyenne and Nic’s work and school schedules they seem to stay busy by themselves. As for Staci and myself we are normally traveling for business which can be difficult at times.

Whirlpool Caregiving Every day, care

This past year we started a new tradition. As a family, we have decided that we will take a cruise every year to assure ample family time together. For me as a father this makes my heart smile, knowing we all have something to look forward to. I love spending time with my family, our kids are so good and close to one another. We spent the day at the beach, swam with dolphins, and shared some amazing food.

Whirlpool Caregiving Every day, care

Last year’s cruise was the first we have taken and we just loved it. The time we spent with one another is something we still talk about today.

Whirlpool Caregiving Every day, care

How Do You Give Every Day Care?

As a dad I always look to do better, and be a better dad/husband for my family. I am always looking to better care for my household. Yeah, the cruise idea is a great way to get away for a week, but I am always looking for other ways to spend time with my family.

If you have a great idea to share or if you are proud of a family tradition please feel free to share in the comments below. Also, share any caregiving ideas that make life simple and really mean a lot to you.

Thanks in advance for sharing!