Stacks of buttermilk pancakes topped with a pat of melting butter and slathered in syrup are deserving of a national day of honor, and that day is known as National Pancake Day. Besides being delicious, they are one of the world’s oldest known cooked foods. That’s because archeologists analyzed starch grains on grinding tools over 30,000 years old and discovered that people from the Stone Age made a sort of flour from cattails and ferns which they probably mixed with a little water to make a batter. Researchers guess that they probably cooked these first flapjacks on scorching hot rocks, possibly greased ones.


Ancient civilizations carried on the concept of pancakes. The Greeks and Romans ate them sweetened with honey. Elizabethans sopped theirs up with rosewater, sherry, and spices. Early Americans were taught by the Native Indians to make what became known as griddle cakes from maize. They used buckwheat to make what was called hoe cakes, johnny cakes, or flapjacks. It is said that George Washington’s favorite breakfast was pancakes which he ate lavished with lots of maple syrup.

Pancakes evolved over centuries to become a favorite breakfast dish and finally to being a favorite anytime dish. No one shows that better than Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery inside the Golden Gate Hotel in Vegas. They are one of Vegas’ most beloved 24-hour diners. Serving up its famous fluffy pancakes 24 hours a day, Du-Par’s is well-known for its classic offerings including the sky-high stacks. Made with buttermilk and other fresh ingredients, the batter is poured onto a hot griddle, turned and browned to perfection. Then they are served piping hot with butter and delicious maple or boysenberry syrup. Enjoy a 3-stack, 5-stack, or a sky-high stack either alone or as part of a breakfast served 24 hours. Du-Par’s uses only large farm fresh grade AA eggs in their omelets or cooked any style.

Happy National Pancake Day

A stack of Du-par’s famous pancakes goes great with their crispy bacon or savory pork or turkey sausage, a center-cut ham steak, corned beef hash or a country-fried prime New York steak. One of Du-par’s pride and joys is their chicken apple sausage made fresh at a local farmer’s market. Du-par’s also has an array of delicious omelets stuffed with everything from mushrooms to grilled zucchini, sugar-cured ham, and cheeses.

Du-par’s has served delicious traditional comfort foods with a breakfast, soup & sandwich, appetizers, and entree menu since 1938. They especially take pride in their famous pancakes. A sky-high stack of them would be the ultimate way to celebrate National Pancake Day.