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Halloween is a unique holiday in that it’s a mixture of fun and fear, especially with young kids. Ghosts and ghouls, zombies, vampires and a wide range of monsters are the backdrop for potential scary fun, and mix that with the tradition of ‘trick or treat; you have a recipe for some serious pranks. Halloween pranks need to be put together thoughtfully, so as not to really scare anyone too much that it’s an unpleasant experience.

Halloween Pranks – Dos and Don’ts

If you are a seasoned prankster, then you may already know by experience pranks can go wrong, and people can get hurt. Halloween has so much potential for any kind of prank you can conjure up. However, whatever mischief making you may have planned the number one concern should be obvious; don’t hurt anyone. Not only should you prepare your pranks well, you have to take into consideration how the person on the receiving end of your holiday fun will respond, and then make sure they ‘don’t’ hurt themselves.

Best Buy Halloween Pranks

A good Halloween prank can be appreciated when done right, such as dressing up and acting like a real zombie when kids come to the door, which can be surprising, scary and very fun for children, and adults. If there is someone particular you want to pull a prank on, in the office, at work, or at home, then knowing a little about what they are openly afraid of can help you brainstorm a special prank. If they are scarred of spiders or cockroaches, then you can buy a rubber look-alike to place on their desk at work, or in their bed at home.

Best Buy Halloween Pranks

This Halloween Best Buy wants to help you with a few clever Halloween pranks.

Pickled pigs’ feet in a jar is creepy enough. A cupboard full of preserved human heads is quite another thing. All it takes is a digital camera, a color printer and a little creativity. You can make shrunken heads, too. For friends with a smaller appetite for fright.

  Scaring friends is good fun. Showing them how ridiculous they look the moment you terrify them is even better. All it takes is a wireless home security camera, a printer and a good fright. The photos make nice gifts for friends. And perfectly embarrassing ones for foes.

Good hair day or not, looking into this mirror is terrifying. Start with a mounted TV, then add a picture frame, some two-way mirror film and a little spooky acting. It’s an unexpected prank that’s bound to startle friends and reflect well on you.


When done right, pulling Halloween pranks can be fun for everyone, just make sure the person you want to prank can take a joke.