The best gift you can give to a friend is the one that shows you pay attention to what they like. If it’s something that will up their experience, but that might not get for themselves otherwise – then you’ve hit the jackpot.

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Luxurious Gift Ideas

A lot of smokers will tell you that there’s more to it than just lighting up and that they love finding little accessories that make their smoking experience all the more enjoyable. If you have a friend that enjoys cigars, and a special occasion is coming up – or you just want to surprise them on a regular day – there are some luxurious gift ideas they’re bound to love.

1. Create A Spark

No matter how great a cigar is – whether it’s a real Cubano or a Middleton – the experience of smoking it can always be brought to the next level. What better way to make that happen than choosing from high-end cigar lighters that will look fantastic sitting on their desk?

There are all sorts of great lighters out there – from double-flame torches to straight cutters and even ones that come with a built-in punch. Of course, there’s also a wide variety of styles – from real retro models to modern ones with an Art Deco look. Let’s not forget the classic hinged style of refillable lighter that you can get from a wholesale star lighters store.

Of course, the style you choose should be geared towards your friend’s personal style, but more than that. You should also take into account how they like to smoke their cigars. Is it a special treat for them they enjoy with a shot of good bourbon to get that lavish feel going? Is it something they like to do when they go out fishing with friends?

Depending on how and where they smoke, you might want to get them a lighter that’s more suitable for their needs. Even if they aren’t the tux and bowtie type of guy in general, if they like to smoke when they feel fancy, getting them a more elegant option could be the way to go.

2. Cigar Travel Case

There are some people who think that a cigar case is just a cigar case. Others know that there’s more to it than having an airtight pocket for those cigars they’re going to bring with them on their trip or business meetings. If your friend falls into the latter category, then you might just want to get them a beautiful case that will not only keep their cigars safe but also look great on their shelf or desk.

There are a lot of options out there for people who really enjoy a certain status in their lives – from solid walnut boxes lined with Spanish cedar to metal cigar cases sealed with real gold. For a more classic approach, you can always go for the rich leather cigar cases crafted by hand.

Of course, if they’ve been dropping hints about wanting something a little more modern to go with their other gadgets, a wood and leather cigar case that comes in a sleek box might be what you’re looking for.

3.  Designed Ashtray

Because an ashtray is, well – a try that ashes go in – a lot of people don’t pay much mind to what kind of ashtray they’re using. Or at least that’s the case until they get a truly luxury ashtray.

An ashtray can do a lot for the smoking experience – from keeping the ashes off the table and holding onto them until they put out their cigars, to looking awesome on any shelf or desk they place it on. Instead of having to use the same old round ashtray, you can see at basically any smoke shop, why not have your friend’s ashtray come highly designed?

It could be made of crystal, in a geometric shape, or out of marble with gold trim. There’s such a wide variety of materials, and styles, you simply can’t go wrong with a luxurious new ashtray.

4. Sampler Boxes Make Great Luxurious Gift Ideas

If your friend has just recently discovered the world of cigars and is really enjoying the experience so far, you might want to consider getting them a sampler box. This will not only give them a variety of options at their fingertips, but it will also be an easy way for them to have new cigars shipped straight to their door every month.

Of course, you can also get them a one-time sampler, but a subscription can be a great way for them to always have a new cigar waiting when they want it. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could also add in a humidor so their collection doesn’t have to live out in the open.

There are some truly luxurious gift ideas for your friend that enjoys cigars. From cigar cases to ashtrays, you can really show them how much their enjoyment of the new hobby means to you by getting them something chic and stylish they won’t find anywhere else.