Gemstones have always been integral to astrology due to their cosmic powers and planetary connections. Vedic astrology believes that specific gemstones have the ability to change your fortune if you align them with your birth charts.

, Gemstones Based on Your Zodiac Signs, Days of a Domestic Dad
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Ruby stone, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, hessonite, red coral, and emerald or Panna stone are some examples that are not only stunning but can also bring transformational upgrades to your life.

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Vedic stones represent a planet and can negate its malefic effects when worn correctly after consulting an experienced astrologer. If you need help selecting the best stone for zodiac sign, read more below:

Aquarius – Blue Sapphire

As another sign dominated by Saturn, Aquarius-born natives are known for their progressive thinking, mental prowess, and creativity. However, they can be secretive and poor communicators too. That’s where they need Blue Sapphire Stone to boost their confidence and emotional energy to deal with any situation. It can bring unforeseen fame and financial success by endowing its mystical powers to the wearer.

Pisces – Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter rules this sun sign and makes its natives awe-inspiringly spiritual and wise. These people are affectionate and emotional but may get overwhelmed by their thoughts. Yellow Sapphire Stone helps them plan their spiritual journey with a clear vision and enhances their positive outlook towards life. It also calms their mind and nerves for emotional stability.

These are the top spiritual gemstones used for every zodiac sign. When buying any of them, be cautious, do your homework, and choose a trusted seller offering certified stones only.

Aries – Red Coral

People born under the zodiac sign of Aries are highly passionate and enthusiaystic. But, they also burn out and get depressed quickly. They can become impulsive at times and overdo in most tasks they undertake. Red coral helps balance their reckless energy by keeping them grounded and confident. The stone also empowers the leadership qualities in Aries-born natives. Buy a natural and pure red coral from GemPundit to get all these benefits.

Taurus – Emerald

People with this zodiac can be extremely intelligent and sane but with a lot of stubbornness. Since they appreciate consistency and stability in life, a gemstone like emerald or Panna stone is a perfect choice to relax the mind and bring the status they crave for. The stone represents the planet of Mercury and wearing emeralds can heal its negative impact on the native’s life.

Gemini – Emerald

Being the most entertaining zodiac sign, Gemini-born people can bring a lot of laughs and charms to those around them. They are intelligent, curious, and charming. But the same qualities can exhaust them and hinder their ability to make the right decisions. Emerald stone helps them overcome such challenges by improving their communications, opening up their minds for new ideas, and leading to unseen gains.

Cancer – Pearl

Since Cancer is a sign ruled by the planet Moon, people born with this zodiac can be overly emotional and are natural caretakers. It is essential to balance their emotions to control their mood swings and lead to better decision-making. Pearl is the perfect stone for this function as it can cure emotional restlessness and increase their mental acuity.

Leo – Ruby

As the zodiac sign representing the mighty Sun, Leo-born people are highly ambitious and strive to be the centre of attention, without shying from drama. They are also extremely loyal, generous, and protective of their loved ones. However, being ambitious and dramatic can hinder their abilities in many ways. Ruby stone can enhance their focus, boost self-confidence, and bring fame to their lives.

Virgo – Emerald

Among all zodiac signs, Virgo is the most earthy and practical one. People born as Virgos are generally introvert, internalizing most communications instead of expressing their feelings openly. As a stone of motivation, emerald can help them make more pragmatic decisions without getting swamped with insecurities. It rejuvenates the mind and enhances the oratory skills to excel in all creative pursuits.

Libra – White Sapphire

The cardinal air sign of Libra makes one more rational, social, and inventive. But they are sometimes disconnected from the world around them and are obsessive about perfection. A stone like white sapphire prevents them from draining their energies on such quests and protects them from any emotional stress. It also helps attract success and wealth to their lives.

Scorpio – Red Coral

Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is a water sign and people belonging to this zodiac are deep thinkers and passionate about things they love. They use a lot of mental and physical energies to manifest their desires but this can drain them in the long run. Red coral is the perfect gemstone to calm their emotions and manage the anger issues that may lead to disastrous decisions. It also brings lots of love and luck to them.

Sagittarius – Yellow Sapphire

Amiable, religious, and adventurous are some ways to define people born under the zodiac of Sagittarius. They derive their undying energy from the ruling planet Jupiter and are exceedingly curious about everything.

Yellow sapphire stone helps channelize this energy in a positive manner by bringing more discipline and dedication to their routines. The stone also enhances marital harmony and brings prosperity.

Capricorn – Blue Sapphire

Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, people born in this zodiac are strong-willed, ambitious, and goal-oriented. They love long-term commitments and highly appreciate materialistic things.

That’s why blue sapphire is the right gemstone for them. The stone can bring immense fortune to its wearers and helps people make rational decisions based on their true needs.

, Gemstones Based on Your Zodiac Signs, Days of a Domestic Dad