All parents are overprotective about their children. From the moment they are first born, children are prone to get injured by their surroundings. Parents often have first aid ready in their house in case any incident occurs. Most small cuts aren’t really a danger to kids, but it is quite important to keep them clean so that they do not get infected. That can lead to serious issues and might just need proper medical attention. Nip this scenario in the bud by knowing how to deal with your child’s cuts and wounds properly. We have curated a few steps to help your child deal with the wound.

Clean the cut

Remember to disinfect your hands before you go anywhere near your child’s cut. You can even use surgical gloves to ensure that you do not infect the wound. Rinse the scrape or the cut with cool water. This will help in removing the debris and dirt from the wound. You can even hold it under running water or just use a cup to pour clean water on the affected area. Do not use strong cleaning solutions for small wounds. Things such as rubbing alcohol. Iodine or hydrogen peroxide can actually irritate the wound instead of dealing with it.

Stop the bleeding

Sometimes, when we are dealing with a deep cut, it bleeds quite a lot. There is no reason to be alarmed if the cut is not deeper than half an inch. Cuts and abrasions that are smaller usually just stop bleeding on their own. If you are dealing with a deeper wound, you need to apply pressure since there are a lot of blood vessels that have been damaged. You should apply directly, but firm pressure on the cut using a clean gauze or a cloth. Hold the pressure for a while, and do not raise it to check on the wound, as the bleeding will start again.

Cover the scrape

After the bleeding has stopped, you need to cover the scrape in order to protect it from potential infection. You can use manuka honey ointment since it has amazing antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that will help in keeping the cut safe. You can apply a bandage or dressing over the ointment and keep changing the dressing as it gets dirty. Using the ointment will make sure that the chances of infection have been lowered. This can even help prevent scarring.

Watch out for infection

The most important thing to worry about with wounds is the potential for them to be infected. You should make sure that the cut stays clean and heals properly. If you notice signs of swelling, streaks around the wound, pus, or even fever, you should immediately call the doctor since these are symptoms of infection. Remember to tell your child to not pick at the scrapes so that they do not have to deal with scarring later.

As a parent, it is extremely important to know how to deal with small cuts and abrasions. Use this list to help you understand how to keep them clean.