Sex crimes involving children are among the most serious crimes. They are a threat to morality and society as a whole because young children cannot protect themselves. People who indulge in such acts deserve the harshest penalties.

Indecency With A Child, Dealing With False Accusation For Indecency With A Child, Days of a Domestic Dad

Indecency With A Child

But those who are falsely accused can get into big trouble. Expect a long and daunting battle ahead if someone files a false charge of indecency with a child on you. Moreover, you may end up losing your reputation and relationships, considering the seriousness of the charges.

Indecency with a child is unforgivable, and even the families of the accused are not likely to support them. It is crucial to understand the implications and plan a defense strategy to prove your innocence.

If you fail to clear your name, you will have to live with a social stigma for your lifetime. Here are some insights on dealing with a false accusation for indecency with a child.

Understand the meaning of indecency with a child

Before working on a defense strategy against the claim, you must understand the meaning of indecent behavior with a child. Essentially, the offense may occur in two forms- by contact and by exposure.

Contact is the more serious form as it can lead to a second-degree felony charge for the accused. Moreover, statutes do not differentiate between direct contact under or over their clothes. Conversely, exposure is regarded as a third-degree felony. Exposure refers to showing one’s genitals to a child or minor to satisfy one’s sexual desires or arouse oneself.

Coercing the child to show their private parts is also an offense. Many times, people are charged wrongfully for indecency with a child. But the consequences can be damaging even if one is innocent.

Building solid defense to address a false accusation

Dealing with the charges of indecency with a child is perhaps the most challenging of all sex crime accusations. The chances of accidental exposure are high, and you may land into a problem without any fault.

It often happens in public restrooms where people share space with young children. A child may see you accidentally and inform his parents, leading to a wrongful accusation. You must have a solid defense plan right away because clearing your name can be more challenging than you imagine.

The best way to do it is by seeking sex crimes attorney legal services right away. Remember that you should not give a statement to the police without speaking to the lawyer first. Any statement can incriminate you, so staying silent is your best option. Only a lawyer can guide you about saying the right things to the police.

Gather evidence to validate your innocence

Besides consulting a lawyer before making your statement, you must gather evidence to validate your innocence. After all, your lawyer will require proof to substantiate your side of the story and clear your name in court.

Look for physical evidence like clothes, photos, and videos. You can provide an alibi if you were not present at the place when the incident occurred. Even better, get some witnesses to vouch for your good conduct or relationship with the child.

Showing that you have a good reputation may not affect the case directly, but it can bolster your defense. The more evidence you have, the better are the chances of clearing your name and getting out clean.

Seek support of loved ones

Although the act of indecency with a child is heinous, you shouldn’t be punished if you have not done it. Go the extra mile to seek the support of your spouse and family. An honest conversation on the entire statement gives you a good start.

Communicate the entire event and circumstances. If you think that someone is trying to frame you, share the suspicion with your loved ones. Together, you can think of ways to find evidence showing your innocence. Having a support system is also essential to stay sane during the entire situation.

It is natural to feel stressed and unhappy when facing such serious allegations. Having people who trust you and support you enables you to cope better.

Indecency with children is a serious matter, even if the allegation is a false one. It can destroy your reputation and affect your relationship with your spouse and family. But you must do your best to clear your name and salvage your reputation.

Hiring a specialist lawyer can get you in a good place. Look for someone with relevant experience as they can prove your innocence with the right strategy.

Indecency With A Child, Dealing With False Accusation For Indecency With A Child, Days of a Domestic Dad