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Bitdefender is a parent’s answers to ensure more defense of all devices connected to the Internet at home. This is the only revolutionary defense mechanism of its kind, and this device gives a great peace of mind to parents against Internet criminals.

á Internet Hackers Bitdefender

Protecting my Family From Internet Hackers with Bitdefender

It’s one thing to have solid protection of our homes from someone breaking in, but this device is the solid protection of our homes from the cybercriminal. rated this device as excellent. And other agencies are all abuzz about this splendid tool. According to Time, this device is one’s home defense against hackers. said that the box approach may be the best way in preventing future digital break-ins. And The Wall Street Journal says this box is a breakthrough idea with the right idea concerning smart home security.

Internet Hackers Bitdefender

The Bitdefender, the worldwide leader in security software, launched the Bitdefender Box in 2015. This revolutionary tool protects every device that’s connected to the Internet in your home. And with all that is going on in this day and age, fathers have more concerns than ever before due to hackers and other types of Internet criminals becoming craftier. As a matter of fact, there are still some concerns even though there are significant levels of parental controls and identity theft protection available. Nevertheless, the addition of this extraordinary box with all of its proven features and benefits give more peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones are protected.

This box has a plethora of wonderful features and benefits. For one, it has the vulnerability assessment which just recently came out. This features serves as a network security engineer by scanning the whole home network for weak spot identification that would compromise its security. This is extremely important because only weak spot on a device can allow access to the whole home network.

A private line is also featured with this device, and it’s the solution for the mobile phone Internet security system. So, when you are away from the box, you still can browse the Internet on your mobile. This is done using the data plan or the public wireless networks. Also, the private line works well on iPads, Androids, and iPhones devices. Another great thing about this tool is that it has total security in local protection. Therefore, mobile connections are anonymous and secure at the same time. And their best antivirus technology (TSMD) is used to secure all devices. Other than that, this device has active threat control. With it’s award winning protection, the active threat control is used to block any incoming attacks. This box will send notifications to report the nature of the attempted threat. Additionally, this active threat control is designed to defend against blindsided threats by using for the analysis of behavior based threats to the analysis of other suspicious activities.

Other amazing specifications of this device include the following: it supports iOS 7 and higher, Android 4.1 and higher, and Windows 7 and higher; the hardware specifications consist of having a size of 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches, weight of 3.24 oz./92g, and is colored white; the Wi-Fi range is 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz and the bandwidth is 100Mbps.

This tool is a parent’s answers to ensure more defense of all devices connected to their home Internet, and it is the only revolutionary defense mechanism of its kind. This device has became so vital that it’s practically a new movement called #ProtectedByBOX where people are singing the praises of how protected their and their loved ones are with this device. And one can see why with all the spectacular reviews, features, benefits, and specifications. Do need or want a Bitdefender? Get yours here.

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