My family has been using NetGear for our Wi-Fi for years now and never once changed brands. Even with three inhabitants and many guests frequently streaming television, music, and other media files and playing constant online games, we seldom experience any errors or stutters in service.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 with DST

I’m an avid gamer and so is my dad. Competitive online shooter gamers and MMORPG raiding environments demand as little lag as possible to respond to intense, fast-paced situations where a few milliseconds of delay could spell team death.

Even with both of us gaming at once – or several people simultaneously when I host gaming parties, on computers and consoles with wireless controllers – there’s no slowdown even when we’re in different rooms of a multi-story home.

We used to use a single-antenna NetGear device, and upgrading to this device with three antennae makes a tremendous difference. I’ve never lost the signal anywhere in or near the house. This is easily the most potent router and adapter I’ve ever used. I’m glad I stuck with the NetGear brand and upgraded to the Netgear Nighthawk.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

Netgear Nighthawk Dual Band AC1900

The whole family loves watching TV and videos too. With one person streaming Netflix on the big screen and the rest of us watching YouTube on our laptops or tablets lag is still practically nonexistent. Guests can come over and enjoy streaming video on their phones too, and they’ve never complained about service.

It’s easy to set up guest access to make sure our friends can do what they want while still keeping out neighbors or strangers from unauthorized use and eating up any bandwidth. We can monitor exactly how many devices or machines are connected, too.

The router and adapter is easy to install. We weren’t especially tech-savvy when we first bought it but setting it up, and troubleshooting is a cinch. We didn’t have to fiddle around with complicated software configuration, and we could plug it in anywhere in the house, which is handy when we need to free up an outlet for a new gadget. It’s good to know that even if we have problems (which we haven’t so far), we’ll have access to year-round tech support and GeekSquad on-call.

The Netgear Arlo is the first home security system to provide 100% wireless, high-definition monitoring capabilities. It does it remarkably well and comes with a surprisingly large feature set.

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 and Arlo Video Cameras

Up until now, battery-powered DIY home security systems have had to sacrifice numerous features to ensure you’re not swapping batteries constantly. For example, no live streaming of video and low-resolution video quality is the norm. The Arlo’s feature list reads like it was designed to be fully wired, but it’s, in fact, 100% wire-free. Depending on your usage, even battery life doesn’t have to be an issue.

Netgear Arlo video with Arlo Cloud Storage.

Netgear Nighthawk Router Login

Ease of set-up is a major plus for this system. Because cameras are attached to magnetic mounts, it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Simply connect the base station to your Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WPS button on your router. Sync the cameras, and open the free Arlo app. Voila! you’re done.

Netgear award winning home video surveillance with Arlo Cloud Storage.

How to Install Arlo Pro 3

The simple setup and portability of the cameras allows you to change their location at any time. This versatility means its range of uses is far greater than most other home monitoring systems. Whether you need to keep an eye on an elderly parent, a sleeping child, or a pet, repositioning the cameras is literally a snap.

The cameras offer high-quality 720p video resolution that provides crystal-clear images with an impressive 110-degree angle of view. Whether they’re discretely placed in trees hundreds of feet from your router, or just down the hallway, you’ll get crisp, no-lag video results all the time.
The Arlo is ruggedly designed to withstand extremes of weather between 14 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The 850nm LEDs also ensures that the cameras provide great night vision capabilities, meaning the system will protect you and your home even in complete darkness.

Screen shot of the Netgear Arlo System, my front door, on the Arlo cloud Storage.

Arlo Motion Sensitity

A security system is only as good as the alerts it provides. This is another area where Arlo is a winner. Not only can alerts be triggered whenever motion is sensed, but you can customize and schedule what events trigger the system. Real-time alerts are sent to you via email or to the Arlo app. You can then watch live or recorded video streams and see motion event recordings. The app is available for your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can even watch up to four cameras simultaneously.

Arlo Cloud Storage

Arlo cloud storage capabilities are also a great selling point. Video footage is stored on the Arlo cloud storage, where you can view and share the footage for up to seven days. You can also sync as many as fifteen cameras to a single account. With 200mb of storage capacity, and optional upgrades to even higher capacities, space is never a problem, either.
To sum up: If you’re looking for a wireless DIY home security system, the Netgear Arlo is a compelling choice. With its simple setup, rich feature set, adaptability, and wide range of uses, you owe it to take a close look at the system. It comes highly recommended.

Netgear AC1900 and Arlo Camera Set Giveaway

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