We all hate moving. I hate moving. Moving is the worst. It’s exciting and wonderful and most of the time it’s something we want, but it’s still the worst. In saying that, the worst part about it is certainly packing up all your earthly possessions and somehow getting them and yourself to your new home with your physical and mental health intact.

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Moving Options from Cheapest to Most Expensive

Not to mention your wallet. One of the first things to consider is your budget, this will help you to make your moving decisions. Next, time and effort. Do you even really have the time and ability to handle it on your own? And lastly, money.

How much can I spend and what can I get away with cutting out? Take a look at this fine list of moving services from cheapest to most expensive.

Moving Options, All Your Moving Options from Cheapest to Most Expensive, Days of a Domestic Dad
  1. Hire a truck. This is undoubtedly the cheapest, but most difficult and stressful. You have all the responsibility of packing things safely, navigating the Tetris-like stacking of boxes, and ultimately driving the monster cross country without causing harm to yourself and others. That’s a lot of anxiety to pile on your already anxious experience. Obviously, if you feel confident, have at it and save the cash!
  • Have your items shipped. Shipping companies are plentiful, and if you’re willing to be patient and share shipping space with strangers, you may save quite a bit. As you might imagine, it comes with significant risks, some of which you may not willing to take.
  • Hire a moving container company. If you have the time to pack everything, transport and load it yourself, a portable storage container may be a great solution for you. This giant box will be sent to your home and then picked up a few days later once you’ve loaded it up, and carried to your new home where you will unload it. Of course, this requires quite a bit of elbow grease from you, and certainly more planning.
  • Go for a freight trailer. Similar to the container company, the freight company will leave the trailer at your house for a couple of days, and once it’s loaded with all your stuff (according to their specifications, which can be strict and annoying) they’ll pick it up and bring it where you need it. Again, a little more effort, but not too expensive.
  • Choose a cross country moving company. This is, arguably, the most stress-free of all the options. You’ll have easy access to online moving quotes, as well as a moving cost calculator to make your budgeting a breeze. The company will pack, pick up, deliver, and unpack everything, leaving you with only the heart-wrenching ordeal of throwing out CD mixtapes from your teen hood. Of course, this also means you’ll be paying more for it, and you should ask yourself what it’s worth to you.
  • Hopefully, these options will help you make a more informed decision and narrow down your options. Many people are willing to spend the extra cash in order to have a stress-free move and know their precious cargo is in good hands, but when it comes down to it, do what’s best for you.
Moving Options, All Your Moving Options from Cheapest to Most Expensive, Days of a Domestic Dad