Disclosure: I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

Now that spring has officially arrived, I am switching out my closets and drawers from winter clothing to warm weather clothing. As I have mentioned before, I am a fairly casual dresser for the most part. I like comfortable clothing, especially in the warm Texas spring and summer months. The more lightweight and wicking the fabric is the better.

Febreze Fabric

Febreze Fabric

When I switch out closets and drawers I often find the items stored over the winter do seem a bit stale and sometimes even musty. I have found the easiest way to freshen up my wardrobe is by giving the space a misting spray of Febreze FABRIC. My scent of choice is usually Meadows and Rain because it just seems to make sense for welcoming in the spring.

Spring Wardrobe Fresh Febreze

OdorClear Technology

Febreze uses what is called OdorClear technology. This eliminates odors. It doesn’t just mask them or cover them up. The Meadows and Rain Fabric Refresher gives that essence of a fresh spring rain without the actual soaking wetness.

Using Febreze FABRIC

You can spray Febreze directly on most sturdy fabric materials and surfaces, such as upholstery, mattresses and box springs, carpets, dog beds, and luggage or back packs. I like to spray some inside the closets and drawers. I am careful not to use it on what I’ll call fussy fabrics, such as silk and suede, so as not to risk a water spot.

Febreze Fabric

All I have to do is turn the Fabric Refresher nozzle on the top of the bottle and depress the trigger to spray a light mist. Then, I allow the area to dry for a few minutes.

This isn’t something you need to do daily. At our home we like to make Febreze a part of our weekly and seasonal cleaning rituals to refresh the air and the contents of our home. This is especially true in the spring and summer when we are tracking in all sorts of outside dirt, pollen, and odors. It is also great in a pinch when friends or family are going to pop in for an impromptu visit.

Other Scents

Check out the Febreze website for the complete lineup of Febreze Fabric scents. In addition to Meadows and Rain, Linen and Sky is another favorite for freshening up the house and fabrics after winter has gone and the windows and doors are open.


Febreze Fabric