Disclosure: I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

It’s spring again and that means it’s time to freshen up our homes from the cold winter months into the light, fresh springtime months. For our family, we’ve been in kitchen-remodel mode and my wife has done an amazing job finding new ways to perk up our new rustic farmhouse kitchen. With our odor removal needs, however, we decided to stick to what we know works: Febreze Air!

Farmhouse Fresh

Keeping the House Smelling Fresh

Febreze has always been our family’s go-to brand for air freshening needs. We have found time and time again that they have the technology to completely change the air in our home. This season, there is a new blood orange scent that is perfect for when you begin to open up your home for springtime activities. The best part about this awesome air freshener is that it not only gives you that great blood orange scent, but it eliminates any foul odors that may have stuck around from the winter. With three, sometimes four, dogs and a handful of kids running around, you can imagine how smells can linger. Not a worry for us though when we have our Febreze Air Blood Orange here to save the day… and our noses.

Febreze air freshner

It’s easier than ever to freshen up your home – no remodel required – with just a spritz of Febreze Air! The wonderful winter season, although cozy, can also be somewhat stuffy at times when you can’t open windows for fresh air. With all of those New Year’s resolutions becoming harder and harder to keep, you want a house that says, “Wake up  Febreze Air Freshener and get moving!” With this new and light citrus scent, you get that fresh burst of scent as if you are taking a stroll through an orange grove. You’ll be on your feet and motivated to get moving in no time!

Febreze Air Blood Orange

Now, one of my biggest worries when picking out springtime scents is potency. With my wife and a couple of our kids being allergic to fragrances, we have to stay aware when it comes to freshening the air in our home. Therefore, I always look for a scent that doesn’t overwhelm you, yet is still potent enough to do its job.

No matter where your spring cleaning plans take you, be sure to bring along your own Febreze Air; Blood Orange air freshener!