Surprise Visit to the Hub Network Family Game Night Show

A few weeks ago I received an email from the kind people over at the Hub Network, asking me to visit the set of the Family Game Night Show. After lasts years trip to the Hub Halloween Bash in L.A., I knew this would be a fun event. The best part of the trip is that I get to bring three additional family members to enjoy the experience. So after careful deliberation, we have decided to let the Jaden and Jaci join Staci and I on the trip to L.A.. But, they don’t know yet! I am sure when we end up telling the girls what and where we are going they will be completely excited. We love playing Family Game Night Games all the time, and watch the Hub Network Family Game Night Show when we can. I think a few of our favorite games are Jenga, Operation, Sorry, and Connet 4.

Hub Network Family Game Night Operation

 Show and Tour at Hub Network Family Game Night Show

With Season 5 of “Family Game Night” premiering this summer, we will be attending the show’s taping in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 14th. Not only that we will get to have a Q&A with Daytime Emmy® Award winning host, Todd Newton. But I am mostly excited about the behind-the-scenes tour of the production by Executive Producer Kevin Belinkoff. Additionally, our group will have dinner with Ted Biaselli, Hub Network’s Vice President of Programming and Development!

Family Game Night Yahtzee

Hub Network’s “Family Game Night” is on Sunday nights at 7pm ET | 6pm CT – Emmy® Award-winning host, Todd Newton, is your guide during this hour of action, strategy, and teamwork. Featuring classic game night games, only bigger, better, and more exciting! Watch weekly as families come together to compete for points, prizes and a chance to make a withdrawal from the Crazy Cash ATM machine!

Todd Newton Family Game Night

Action-packed life-sized Hasbro games viewers love including JENGA, BARREL OF MONKEYS, MONOPOLY Remix, YAHTZEE, BATTLESHIP, CONNECT 4 Basketball, SIMON FLASH, OPERATION, SORRY! and BOP IT! Boptagon. Every family that participates on “Family Game Night” plays in the Community Chest round. One lucky family with the combination that opens the chest advances to the final MONOPOLY Crazy Cash round and has a chance to win cash and a new car.

I invite you to follow along with the #FamilyGameNight hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We will share our adventure to Los Angeles and the Hub Network Family Game Night studio visit. I am can”t to tell the girls, they will be so excited!

If you had a chance to be on the show, what Family Game Night game would be good at?