Turkey hunting can be a lot of fun. You can get out there with your friends or family members and spend some quality time. Wild turkeys present some unique challenges, and you’ll enjoy the thrill of trying to bag your limit.

10 Tips for Staying Safe This Turkey Hunting Season

If you like turkey hunting, MN presents plenty of opportunities to do it. You should make sure to stay safe while you’re out there, though, so you can avoid any accidents. We’ll talk about a few ways to keep safe while turkey hunting right now.

Wear Brightly-Colored Clothing

When you’re turkey hunting, you can wear camo to blend in, but if you blend in too much, another hunter might not see you. If you wear bright clothing, you may lose a strategic advantage, but you’ll also avoid catching some friendly fire. Make sure to wear clothing that is a different color from a turkey.

Don’t Encroach On Someone Else’s Territory

If you suspect another hunter is in your vicinity, go somewhere else. There are always other places to hunt. If you continue stalking the same prey in the same area, a friendly fire incident becomes more likely.

Move Your Decoy Safely

If you’re using a decoy, make sure it’s not visible while you are moving it. If it is, another hunter might mistake it for a real turkey and take a shot at it.

Only Hunt in Approved Areas

If you hunt on private property, you don’t know what the owner is doing there. They might have a shooting range that you enter without being aware of it. Stay safe and be respectful by being mindful of private property signs.

Use Appropriate Firearms

Some guns are approved for hunting turkeys, and others are not. Don’t use unapproved weapons with too much firepower, or you might hurt someone.

Don’t Run with Firearms

If you spot a turkey, and it’s running from you, approach it at stalking speed, not at a full-tilt run. If you run with a firearm, you might trip, and it can go off, injuring you or someone else.

Keep the Safety On When Moving

Keep your gun’s safety on when you’re moving from place to place. Having the safety off makes an accidental discharge much more likely.

A Clear Field of Vision

If you utilize some netting or a camouflage blind, make sure you have a clear field of vision around it. That’s the best way to get a clear shot at a turkey and keep other hunters safe.

Use the Appropriate Cover

If you’re calling wild turkeys, sit behind a rock, tree stump, or something else wider than your body. That should prevent you from getting shot if there’s another hunter in the area that hears your call.

Communicate Safely

If you suspect there’s another hunter nearby, get their attention using a loud, clear voice. Keep still, and don’t wave your arms or make other sudden movements. That way, you can safely become aware of each other’s location.

By following these tips, you should remain safe.

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