Got Leftovers

 Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers!

The Thanksgiving turkey is always the highlight of the Thanksgiving meal, but what do you do with the lot of Thanksgiving turkey leftover from the meal? That’s the best part! There are many recipes you can put the leftover turkey in after Thanksgiving, and you are free to get creative! But, here is 7 different delicious ways I make my leftovers last.
1.) Turkey Alfredo
Use your turkey leftovers in the alfredo sauce! Boil noodles, and use lemon pepper in the alfredo sauce. Cut the turkey into bite size pieces, and put them into the alfredo sauce. It is delicious, and is a great way to utilize your turkey leftovers.
2.) Turkey Salad
Like a grilled chicken salad grill the leftover turkey. Cut up lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red sweet peppers. Once you have cut up the vegetables, put the grilled leftover turkey into the salad. Then toss the salad, and add your favorite dressing. It is so simple, easy, and tastes great! It is one of my favorite healthy recipes to make with my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner!
Turkey Pot Pie
3.) Turkey Pot Pie
It is just like making chicken pot pie, only substitute the chicken for leftover turkey! You won’t notice the difference, and since I love the classic chicken pot pie I absolutely love adding in my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving into my pot pie!
4.) Turkey Noodle Soup
In the winter time chicken noodle soup is one of the main dishes in my house. However, I love putting leftover turkey to replace the chicken to make turkey noodle soup! It is absolutely amazing, and it is a great winter time recipe that allows me to use my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner.
5.) Turkey Wrapped in Bacon
While this may seem strange it tastes amazing. Wrap larger pieces of turkey in raw bacon, and place in a large pan. Then, open up cream of mushroom and cream of chicken and mix in a large bowl. Once mixed pour and spread over the wrapped turkey. Then put in the over at 450 degrees for 30- 40 minutes. Once it is done enjoy the flavorful, and great tasting turkey wrapped in bacon.
Turkey Sandwich
6.) Turkey Spaghetti
Like the turkey alfredo cut the turkey into bite size pieces. Boil noodles. Then, open cans of spaghetti sauce, and warm the turkey up in the spaghetti sauce. It is a yummy way to enjoy your leftover turkey!
7.) Turkey Sandwich
The best way to serve a turkey sandwich is to first begin by toasting the bread. Right after the toast is ready place a slice of cheese over the toast. Warm up a slice of leftover turkey, and spread mayonnaise over the other piece of toast. Serve, and enjoy the combination of melted cheese and turkey in your mouth.