Unilever Men’s Personal Care and KrogerThis is a sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own.

We happen to live really close to a Kroger. So, stopping in there for one-stop shopping for basic necessities is a no-brainer. I like to stock up on personal care products for the family whenever I go. It is important to me and the rest of the family that we feel good about our hygiene and are well groomed for any event.

Mens Grooming Supplies

For me especially, my go-to products are the Axe body sprays and deodorants, as well as the lineup of Dove body washes and shampoos. The selection at Kroger is extensive and the deals are awesome. I generally look for, and take advantage of, any coupon offers I come across. With a large family, it is important to me to save where I can. Kroger and Unilever make that happen for our large crew. 

Dove Men + Care Shower

As the only male living at home with lots of women, I sometimes have to fend for myself when it comes to picking up men’s grooming products. I have to make that easy by going to only one store. Kroger has pretty much everything I need. It is just really convenient. There are some really good specials going on right now for men or for the women who buy for the men in their lives. Here are some of the current, limited time offers: 

  • $1/1 Suave Men’s Hair
  • $4/2 Triple Crown Deodorant
  • $1/1 Axe Deodorant
  • $2/1 Dove Men+Care Bodywash (foam)
  • $1.50/1 Dove Men+Care Bodywash

This is also a great time of year to pick up stocking stuffers for the holidays. When you take advantage of the special offers on Unilever products at Kroger, consider getting some extra that Santa can put inside your stocking or under the tree.

I like to do this for myself, my grown son, and my son-in-law, along with other gifts. Or, my wife can give some personal care items to my daughters that they can have fun wrapping up for me. They know these things make me smile. It doesn’t take much for my kids to please this dad.