Hunting is a great sport and allows you to spend some time outside enjoying nature. People who regularly hunt will likely have a lot of equipment and gear they use on their trips out.

, 5 Tips On How Dads Can Safely Store Their Hunting Equipment, Days of a Domestic Dad

Safely Store Their Hunting Equipment

It is important that this equipment is stored safely, especially firearms and other potentially dangerous gear. Handguns should be stored in a locked pistol gun safe, so they are not easily accessed by other members of the house. There are a few tips you can use to make sure all of your hunting equipment is safely stored away when you aren’t using it. Additionally, by Everest offers a wide range of products that can cater to different hunting needs. So, you can choose reliable and safe equipment to enhance your hunting experience.

Clean and Store Your Firearms Properly

Hunting can be done in all types of weather conditions, which means that you may come back from a trip covered in mud. Not only will you be dirty, but a lot of your equipment will be as well. For this reason, you should make sure to disassemble your firearms and thoroughly clean them before you store them away. You should allow them to dry properly before locking them away in a secure place such as a gun locker.

When storing your guns away, ensure they are pointing up so that the end of the barrel doesn’t become deformed from pressing against the floor.

Wash and Store Your Cloth

The next thing you should always do with your hunting gear is to give everything a good wash before hanging it all up. The recommended detergent to use on hunting gear is something that is scent-free which washes your clothes properly without leaving them smelling of a strong odor. Once you have washed all of your clothes, you should store them in a bag that is scent-proof which allows the gear to sit for longer without becoming stale smelling. 

Clean, Dry, and Store Your Hunting Gear Properly

In addition to any clothing that you wore during your hunt, you should make sure that your backpacks are also cleaned thoroughly and sanitized to protect your health. You need to let everything dry properly before storing them away. This is because if you try to store them away when they are still wet, mold can grow in a damp environment. Once you are certain everything is completely dry, choose somewhere with not much light to reduce the color of the gear fading from light exposure.

Consider using aluminium tool boxes found at Trade Hero Australia for storing your hunting gear. These durable and weather-resistant tool boxes can help protect your equipment from the elements and keep everything organized for your next hunting trip.

You may think storing hunting equipment somewhere like a tool shed or a garage is a good idea however, unless there is nothing else in them it isn’t a good idea. This is because these places often have things like paint and cleaning supplies that can cause your equipment to smell after being stored near them in a closed environment for long periods of time. This is also the main reason that you should stick to a detergent that is scent-free is that it reduces the chance of the wildlife your hunting, picking up your scent and becoming spooked. Animals have a much greater sense of smell than humans so they are very capable of picking up even the faintest scents in the outdoors.

Store First-Aid Kits Safely

Keeping you and your loved ones safe whilst out hunting is the number one priority. You should always bring a first aid kit with you as part of your hunting equipment. When you get home you should also remember to store your first aid kits safely. Check all of the supplies in the first aid kit and make sure they haven’t expired. You should also make sure that none of the supplies have been broken and when you do store your first aid kit, it should be somewhere that isn’t too warm.

Preserve Your Batteries

A lot of hunting gear such as GPS trackers and flashlights requires batteries to power them, so it is a good idea to take these out so they don’t run out before your next hunting trip. Switching electronics off does help save battery life but the best way to preserve their charge is to take them out and store them away somewhere safe. This will also allow you to see if any of the batteries have started leaking so you can prevent them from damaging your clothes before..

, 5 Tips On How Dads Can Safely Store Their Hunting Equipment, Days of a Domestic Dad