Disclosure: I have partnered with United Health Care to help educate and over come the obstacles of buying health insurance.

As a parent and a dad I tend to over analyze tough decisions. Shoot sometime I can’t even make the right decision when it is extremely easy, I all ways need a little help.

For example, when I head to the store for our weekly groceries. I can manipulate the grocery aisles like a trained assassin looking to make a killer deal. So when it comes to grocery shopping I know what I am doing. I have been there week in week out, “I am one with the local grocery store”.

Shopping For Health Insurance

Shopping For Health Insurance

Now, if you ask me to help you research and make an executive choice on health insurance. I am not your guy. I wouldn’t know the first place to start, other than the HR department at work.

Since I don’t work for anyone but myself, I have to rely on me finding the right information. That is why I look to United Health Care Company to lead me in the right direction for my family.

What Am I Buying?

OK, so you know a little more about health care and why reform matters…now you need to know what exactly you’re buying. Insurance companies want you to be healthy, and health insurance is actually cheaper for you if you are. That is why preventative care and other measures are being covered by insurance more often now. Health plans are annual and there are only a few ways to switch, whether a major life event occurred or its open enrollment time. It’s important to look at deductibles, copays, premiums and greatest outofpocket
as well as the what is covered when comparing health plans. Think about your family and what kinds of things you see doctors for, get prescriptions for, or have operations for. Your health insurance costs can have affect by how much coverage, deductibles, and copays
you take.

Shopping For Health Insurance

What Does All This Mean?

All this health care research can be a lot to take in. Terms such as deductible, premium, coinsurance, EOB and PPO are normally used when discussing health care. Don’t worry! These short videos may be able to explain what all this information actually means.

 How Can I Get the Most From My Health Care Plan

So, you are discovering all of this new information about health care and what’s involved in the shopping process, but it’s only fair that you should know how to get the most out of your health care plan. Costs within health care can be daunting. Check your deductible and out-of-pockets on a regular basis to stay ahead. When deciding on a plan, look for value ads provided by the company such as nurse lines, apps, and health club discounts too! Also, make sure to ask you Doctor how much medical tests will cost and if there are less costly alternatives. Take a few minutes to watch these short videos to find out more.

Know the Cost of Health Care:
Buying a Health Plan:
Questions About Medical Tests:
Choosing a Health Plan: