As a father, I try my best to provide for my wife and kids. I’m a gift giver. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it’s a big surprise!


Jaden began asking for a ping pong table for her 16th birthday. Last December! We’ve looked at a few but never decided on one.

Until a few weeks ago! And we are now the proud owners of a JOOLA Rally TL 300 table. Jaden could not be more pumped!

By getting her out of the house for about an hour, we were able to set it up and surprise her with the table when she arrived home. 

The ping pong table shipped to us 95% assembled, so it took under 20 minutes to put it all together.

We had it set up and tested (translated to mean we played a few games) before Jaden came home to her surprise! 

She screamed with delight and immediately picked up a table tennis paddle to start playing. 

It’s become one of our favorite family events each day and the competition brings a ton of laughs. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the absolute best part! 

If your family is looking for a way to add a bit of friendly-competition to your game room, check out the JOOLA Rally TL 300 table.

It’s features includes:

  • 15mm (5/8in) charcoal painted MDF surface 
  • Solo playback mode compatible
  • High-quality net and post set included
  • Mounted on a 30 x 30mm white undercarriage 
  • Automatic folding legs with leg levelers
  • Trolley system of 4 locking casters under each half
  • Dual safety locking devices to ensure safety when the table is in both playing and storage positions

Not to mention, each corner of the JOOLA table has a built-in ball holder that holds three ping pong balls. 

Plus, each end of the table has a magnetic abacus style scoreboard included to keep track of the score.

Combined with the JOOLA Blizzard & Blackout Ping Pong Racket Set, which includes two paddles and two ping pong balls), you have all you need for a table tennis competition!

Ready for fun?

Order your JOOLA Rapid Play 150 table today and start your own family ping pong table competition!