For most, the idea of being in a car accident is the stuff of nightmares. You could be driving along, minding your own business, following the rules of the road and being a conscientious driver, when suddenly someone hits your vehicle and sends you skidding across the asphalt.

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Car Accident

Your kids are in the car, they’re frightened. You’re injured and in pain, the other driver is saying it’s your fault and you don’t know what to do next. It’s an overwhelming and unexpected situation. The other driver has put you and your family in a vulnerable position and potentially changed your lives forever, so no wonder you’re struggling to think clearly!

The initial stages after a car accident are crucial. Especially for your health, wellbeing and circumstance – you can speak to a team of personal injury lawyers here. So, it’s imperative that you avoid making certain mistakes. Here we’ll explore the most common error victims make after a car accident.  

Not getting medical help

Of course, your priority is your children and your other passengers. You’re also thinking about your insurance claim and any other legal issues that may arise. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to ignore that twinge of pain in your chest or that numb feeling creeping down your leg. Failing to get medical help after an accident is a huge error all crash victims should avoid.

You need to put your health first and be seen by a medical professional. Not only will it get you on the road to recovery quicker, but you’ll have evidence of your injuries.

Not calling the police

The other driver is adamant that the police don’t need to be called and you’re tempted to believe them. You just want to get home where it’s safe and leave this terrible experience behind you. It’s understandable, but it’s a huge error. Calling the police after a crash is a legal requirement, so don’t be convinced into not making the call.

Admitting fault

You know the accident wasn’t your fault, yet the other driver is adamant that you caused the crash. They’re so convincing (or intimidating) that you feel obliged or bullied, into agreeing you were at fault. This is a huge no-no! Admitting you were at fault in this situation can throw your insurance claim into disarray and make any personal injury claim invalid. Remember, you don’t have to discuss what happened with the other driver, just get their details.

Not gathering evidence

You need to prove that you weren’t to blame and what happened is genuine. The other driver could claim that their car is a write-off or that you were at fault. Gathering evidence will help you prove what really happened. Take photographs of the scene, of the damage to the vehicles, the positioning on the road, skid marks on the asphalt, the weather, speak to witnesses and get their details. Failing to do this could make any insurance or personal injury claim difficult.