Dirt biking is one of the most extreme forms of sports and recreation. It offers a dirt bike rider fun and an adrenaline rush that few other sports or recreation could match.

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Are Dirt Bike Accidents Common?

But along with all this excitement comes great risk. Dirt biking is prone to crashes. While most dirt bike accidents look comical in the eyes of the audience, most of these crashes are often crippling or even fatal in nature.

Unfortunately, no training or safety gear can prepare a dirt bike rider for these crashes, though precaution and vigilance always help.

Dirt biking crashes happen when the rider is least expecting them to. They can happen when a rider is in full flight during a jump. It can also occur when he is going down a dirt path at full speed. Even when the dirt bike rider is just starting off or barely moving, an accident can happen.

If you’re just starting out with your motocross journey, knowing why various dirt bike accidents can help you avert them. Moreover, you’ll know what not to do more than what to do, to avoid a bed in the hospital. 

We have compiled a list of common reasons for dirt bike accidents you should know. Read them thoroughly and try not to make these mistakes in the race. 

Here we go!

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Hitting the Rocks or Other Bikes

Dirt biking crashes also happen when the dirt bike hits a bump, a depression or a small rock. This can shift the wheel suddenly, causing the rider to lose control of the motorcycle.

It might also happen during racing or when there is a pack of riders. A rider might clip another rider’s wheel because of the close proximity, sending one or both tumbling into the ground.

Why do they happen? Usually, there is no single reason. The bike may have a defective part that has suddenly detached itself from the moving, shaking bike. Sometimes, it might be the fault of the rider or another rider.

Sometimes, the course or the obstacles might just be too difficult for the rider to negotiate. However, there are other sinister reasons.

Dirt Bike Rider – Fatigue

One of them is fatigue. When a rider’s mind is only half working, the body’s reflexes do not act as fast as they normally do. So, his reflection might be too late to avoid a one-second mishap.

Lack of Fitness

Another reason would be a lack of fitness. Dirt bikes are relatively difficult to control, more so, if going through rugged terrain. Not being fit means that the rider’s body does not have the necessary strength to control and maneuver the bike. One false move, and you take a chance of a bad dirt bike accidents.

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Lack of Concentration

Another reason for dirt biking crashes would be a rider’s lack of concentration. The lack of concentration causes the rider to lose focus on what they are doing.

It is highly recommended that the rider not go dirt biking when they are experiencing emotional turmoil, such as a break-up with their partner or a fight with the parents.

Improper Riding Style Cause Dirt Bike Accidents

When riding through the rough terrain, how you use the clutch and brakes combo decides your ride’s success. Especially during the rainy season as one wrong use of the brakes’ clutch or late application can lead to a fatal accident. 

You can avoid this by practicing thoroughly on the race tracks. Try to create similar conditions to the actual race track and challenge yourself. Remember, the tougher the practice, the lesser will be the accident chances in the actual race. 


Although dirt biking accidents happen all the time, a rider can most certainly reduce the chances of it happening to him/her.

By wearing safety gear like motocross helmets, focusing on the road, being level-headed, and using common sense, they can be sure to escape an accident.

Dirt Bike Riding Near Me?

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