When the soul craves change, and either repacking the wallpaper or changing all the furniture, has no time and money, comes to the aid of decor.

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Update the Interior in the House

Even without repairs, textiles, paintings, lighting, and other inexpensive little things will help to refresh your house.

Have a general cleaning

It is one of the first and maybe even mandatory options to update your space. This method will be especially effective for those who are not too used to ordering.

Wall Art

Canvas art is a popular choice for home decor, and it can be a great way to add a touch of warmth to your home. Depending on the style of canvas art you choose, you can create a range of different atmospheres in your home.

For those seeking a unique touch, consider DIY oversized mat gallery wall frames. These frames not only elevate the presentation of your canvas art but also provide a customizable and chic solution. Learn more about creating a stunning display with large mat frames at Kendra Found.

Update the cushions on the couch

Bright new textiles are a guaranteed change in the look of the room. Not to mention, it’s the easiest option to experiment with color and pattern. Often a new pillowcase will be very inexpensive, and if you want to save money, just buy a piece of fabric and sew it yourself.

But if you want a bigger change, you can update the sofa set. So you’ll not only settle just the seat but also update the furniture, which will serve you for more than one year.

New light fixture

Nothing changes the perception of the interior like replacing a light fixture, especially when it comes to the central chandelier. It’s not just its shape or style, but above all the light it creates. Perhaps it’s time to replace the crystal cascade with something more current. There are quite a few designer models that don’t cost a fortune.

A new table lamp or floor lamp is also a great option and will add variety to lighting scenarios. Sometimes it is enough to change the light source, that is, the lamp itself, from a cold glow to a relaxing warm glow.
The difference is especially noticeable in the winter when the lights are on even during the day.

Live plants

Flowers are not only a means of bringing nature closer and clearing the air but also a powerful decorative accent. Even one flower, large enough, will transform the apartment, let alone a group of plants.

It is better to keep them side by side: this way both the expressive effect is stronger and the flowers feel more comfortable. To contain a “greenhouse”, you do not need to become an agronomist, just choose unpretentious copies: spathiphyllum, aloe, all kinds of dracaena, and colostrum – suitable options.

A decorative bonus – is pots and cachepots. Good models are made of natural clay, which over time forms a kind of patina. It is also not bad to paint the containers in white.

Put a big floor mirror in the bedroom

Do not forget about the benefits of mirrors! In the bedroom will not be a superfluous floor mirror in a beautiful massive frame.

It is enough just to lean it against the wall. Orient it so that it reflects the natural light that pours from the window, and illuminates the dark corners of the room.

Change the bed linens

Even though the bedding is not always visible from under the bedspread, it plays an important role in the interior. Firstly, it affects how the owners of the house perceive the environment in the bedroom. Secondly, its quality and design determine healthy sleep.

If you’ve always used monochrome linens, try something new. Sets with watercolor drawings in natural motifs will be an accent in the room, and textured sets of dense cotton, reminiscent of linen, will refresh the view.


The carpet has become a fashionable interior object. The largest painting in the interior, as the decorators call it, ties disparate colors in the room or vice versa, sets the palette.

It is clear that a good designer model made of wool and/or silk costs a lot. However, it is a good investment and a “long-lasting” means of updating. After all, by the summer, the rug can be removed and thus once again achieve the desired novelty.

Budget option: buy a model of small size but unusual, asymmetrical shape; these are in fashion today. Mats made of natural fibers: jute, sisal, and hemp, as well as lint-free kilim will also please your eyes.

Organize or divide the space

Keeping things organized will instantly enlarge the space:

  • Buy some of the same boxes under things and sort them out. Ruffle boxes on shelves will look both neat and cute.
  • Another option is to arrange items on shelves if you feel comfortable doing so and cover the shelf with a curtain.
  • You can also use a curtain to zone the room. There is no soundproofing, but if you hide the workspace in a corner of the room, it will seem that the bedroom is much more spacious and comfortable. The solution is simple and quite budget-friendly.


Do not be afraid to do something with your own hands. In general, we can say that any new thing will refresh the interior.

And if the item is made by you with enthusiasm and in a good mood, it will also be a kind of inspiration. So let the handmade things constantly complement your home.

It is relatively easy to refresh the interior without cosmetic and major repairs. The main thing is to understand exactly what you want and do not be afraid to show your creative side!

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