The most high-tech fitness gear is developed to help the best athletes in the world improve their performances. However, these are tools that we can all benefit from. 

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5 Amazing High Tech Fitness Gear

If you have a passion for exercise then investing in one of these tools could drastically improve your exercise performance and experience. 

We are always told that gyms are a good value for money, however, if you invest in a great all-purpose tool for yourself, you can enjoy all the benefits of the gym without having to travel, see other people, and be at the mercy of the gym’s schedule. 

These 5 pieces of gear below have something to offer anyone who is passionate about staying fit. 

#1 – Fitness mirrors 

Fitness mirrors are one of the newest pieces of kit on the market and they have really grown in popularity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the endless lockdowns we have all been trapped in. 

The fitness mirror offers the benefits of a subscription-like Pelaton’s bike subscription, but with a much wider range of exercises available. The better value mirrors come with a range of weights and equipment and an easy cabinet to store them in. 

The one downside of the fitness mirror is that once you stop your subscription then they will become nothing more than a mirror, but for fitness lovers like us, committing to long term fitness goals is not an issue.  

#2 – Blazepods 

If functional fitness is your thing then you are going to want to look into Blazepods. 

These bad boys have been designed to help you improve nearly all areas of functional fitness. They are disks that light up when touched or when they sense motion and they can connect to your phone via BlueTooth. 

Why would that be useful, well you can use your phone to design activities or select an exercise from their library? The Blazepods then feedback to your phone, they will track your physical speed, reaction speed, and you can even use them to help improve your jumping heights. 

You can find some more detailed blazepod reviews here. 

#3 – Smart Bikes 

Peloton has really changed the game when it comes to smart bikes – 3 years ago, no one would have even considered spending $2000 on a bike and then $55 more a month on a subscription to use the bike. 

But they have done something right and now they are dominating the market. 

Peloton isn’t the only option anymore, but they are the most established. We don’t think they are the best value but if you read the testimonials on their website then you may be swayed to give their machine and their program a go. 

They offer a range of classes throughout the day. The classes are live and the instructors can monitor the performance of everyone in the class. They can even shout out someone who is doing well, or encourage someone who needs a little more motivation. 

One of the major benefits of a smart bike is that you can workout even if your gym is closed because of an emergency. 

#4 – Fitbits 

We have put this one on the list for those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t have a Fitbit (or another brand of fitness watch) yet! 

These tools have come a long way since they appeared on the market 10 years ago. 

When they first entered the market they were a gloried pedometer, but now they can do so much more. Everything they record is sent to and recorded on your phone. Which gives you the ability to track your progress and performance over the long term. 

It is really helpful to have all the tracking you need in one place, especially if you are playing a sport where you can’t carry your phone around with you. 

#5 – Running Heart Rate Monitors 

If you are a long-distance runner then we highly recommend that you invest in a chest-mounted heart rate monitor. 

Not only will this tool track your heart rate but it will also monitor all your other key vitals while running. They will send the information live to your phone. They will track how far and how fast you are running. They even come with built-in GPS so they can track your route on a map. 

If you’re looking for a Chest Mounted Heart Rate Monitor to start with, we recommend the products from Polar.