The situation with gyms is pretty precarious right now, and for those of us who find physical and mental solace in working out, it can be really difficult to come to terms with not getting to do our daily session.

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Home Gym

Then again, there is a lot that can be said for creating your own at-home gym. You can utilise whatever space you have, whether you are able to dedicate your entire garage to an at-home gym, or you have to find a little bit of room in your bedroom to pump iron. 

A Quality Barbell

A really quality barbell is an important investment for your home gym. Choosing something too cheap will end up with it corroding or chipping and cracking. It may also be harder or more uncomfortable to grip which is going to affect your ability to lift. This Olympic barbell from is a fantastic option instead, as it is incredibly durable with a chrome shaft. The gripping surface has a diamond knurl which is easy to grip without shredding your hands. Pair with a good selection of weight plates to start your lifting journey at home.

Mat or Tiles

It can be easy to get lost in the exciting bits of equipment, but something to stand on is an absolute must-have for any home gym if you want to avoid slipping or even damaging your floor. There are so many exercises you can do with just a decent mat while you build up your home gym. 

Resistance Bands

Again, resistance bands might not be the most exciting of purchases but they are extremely versatile. Not only are they important for warming-up safety prior to lifting, but they can also help ease the aches and pains in the aftermath. If you need some assistance with your pull-ups or dips they can be useful, and of course they are great for adding even more resistance when doing squats and deadlifts. 

Something for Cardio

As the weather isn’t exactly great for your weight loss journey, you might want to invest in something that will help you get your heart pumping without leaving your home. You might want a rowing machine for something low impact, or an exercise bike to work your legs. If you’ve got a little more room, then a treadmill has a lot of options and there are so many different technologies you can get as add ons if you want something a bit more interactive. 

Pull-Up Bar

This is a great option as it doesn’t take up much space at all, and can be put in any door frame. Great for pull-ups, chin-ups and other arm and back muscle exercises, and you can challenge yourself to do a certain amount of reps every time you walk through the doorway. 

Of course, you can make your home gym as simple or as elaborate as you have the space and budget for, although ultimately it’s what you do in there that counts.