DODD Spon Disclosure is an app that offers live, smart choices to real life problems. It also has a Life Course that will personalize the app your own unique life and thereby form an action plan. It was the conception of SyPartners who first started their business in 1994. SyPartners specializes in helping large corporations as they make big transitions in structure or practice. They particularly specialize in helping them resolve tricky problems. Now through this app they have made this same problem-solving available for everyone.

What is

The app aids individuals solve their own everyday problems via questions, tips, and tools. They say we first need to realize that we have a problem with which we need help. You can use Unstuck for whatever the problem might be whether it’s about housing, time-efficiency, maintaining romantic, family or friend relationships, working for or running a company, big life decisions, home decoration ideas, planning for the future, losing weight, or just staying healthy. The possibilities are almost endless. Whatever the situation, after you answer a series of questions about your problem, the app will analyze it then gives you some advice and tips about resolving it.

This tips and advice process may involve you answer more questions to hone your specific query. This tip process also includes an abundance of ideas and insights in forms that are super easy to understand. There are also helpful short videos that communicate ideas through stories. People who have used the app already have said that it is almost uncanny how well it can advise for your unique situation. They have found it to be indispensable because it really can resolve any and all situations. You can also find this very same concept on their blog.

Unstuck from Unstuck on Vimeo.

It is a testament to its innovation and precision that all of these users testify that they went away completely satisfied and much better equipped to go forward in their lives. These users also say it is far and away the best decision-making app around today. In all of its forms, the app is designed to help users make decisions, set goals, see the different possibilities, understand why what is happening is happening, and to set future goals to avoid the problem. This app seeks to help users to see, believe, think, and act.

Unstuck Clarity

The team wants you to recognize that every problem is the world can be resolved and that you always have the ability to resolve your own. The app urges you just to think about it first and then act upon your consideration. For unlimited use you can purchase our app for a cheap $49.99. You will definitely not regret partaking in unlimited access to the “Making a Change Program.” You can opt to take the course for limited free time online, but this small price tag allows users to use it as much as they want and whenever they want. In addition, to all the helpful videos and advice, the program offers users downloadable worksheets and even follow-up emails. It will undoubtedly change your life.