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Our 8 year old daughter is at the age where she is ready for a sturdy and safe 2 wheel bike. We have decided to get another Schwinn SmartStart from Target.

Performing a Fit Check – Schwinn SmartStart

The SmartStart bicycles are really great for our kids because they can be adjusted to fit them as they grow taller. The seat can be angled or raised so that it is positioned perfectly for the height of a child. But, you still need to get the right fit from the start.

Schwinn has a handy chart that you can use as a guide to help figure out what is the correct frame size and wheel size. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Height: 28” to 38”, Ages 1-4, Wheel Size 12”
  • Height: 38” to 48”, Ages 3-7, Wheel Size 16″
  • Height: 42” to 52”, Ages 5-9, Wheel Size 18”
  • Height: 48” to 60”, Ages 7-13, Wheel Size 20”
  • Height: 56” to 66”, Ages 10-15, Wheel Size 24”

Once we figured out the size needed for Joeli, we then made sure she could reach the handlebars with elbows bent to a minimum of 10 degrees. We also made sure that when she is standing over the center frame of the bike that her feet could be flat on the ground with at least 1 to 3 inches of clearance from the top of the bar.

On to the saddle: The saddle, or seat, is in the right position when Joeli’s leg is almost straight, with a minimal bend in the knee, when her foot pushes down completely on the pedal.

Safety First

Once the bike was properly sized we went through all the rules of safety, just as we had done with our older kids.

First, a properly sized and adjusted helmet is mandatory. I even wear a helmet. The helmet needs to be strapped on well. I am always shocked when I see little kids, even on the back of a mom’s bike, with a helmet that is cocked to one side because the strap is too loose.

Then we go over the rules of the road, including what side of the street to ride on, proper hand signals for making a turn or stopping, and never rolling through an intersection that has a stop sign. For now, I think Joeli will stick to the sidewalk until she gets the rules down.

Get to Peddling with a Schwinn SmartStart Bike

Having Fun

Once the bike is properly sized and the safety issues are addressed, we just want to have fun cycling as a family. Our area does have some pretty good bike routes. The girls can also ride with their friends in the neighborhood.

Cool Stuff from Schwinn

Be sure to check out and download the Schwinn shareable Ride Guide at schwinnfamilysweeps.com.

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