The best gifts ever for Mom are those that we make with our own hands. These are the gifts that say “I love you.” My wife would prefer a homemade gift to anything purchased in a store. So, this Mother’s Day, my girls and I are doing some craft projects to show how much we appreciate Mom.

Super Easy DIY Vase Craft

The first gift is a craft idea that we got from the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds website. They have some clever ideas for craft projects to make for Mom. My 8 year old daughter chose the Pringles Can Vase. This seemed easy enough, but Joeli needed a little help from Dad.

Pringles Can Vase, How to Make a Pringles Can Vase Craft for Mother’s Day, Days of a Domestic Dad

How to Make a DIY Pringles Can Vase

To make this Pringles can vase, you will need the following materials and you can just follow the easy steps below.


  • 1 Empty Pringles chip can
  • Paper straws of a color mom will like
  • Twine or string (we used brown cargo twine)*
  • Glue gun
  • Water based paint (color of your choice)
  • Paint brush

Mothers Day Vase DIY


  1. Clean the inside of the chip can to remove any crumbs and oil.
  2. Paint the exterior of the empty chip can with the paint. Allow that to dry completely.
  3. Glue the paper straws vertically onto the can with a glue gun.
  4. Wrap the twine around the center of the can to create a 2-1/4” solid band.*
  5. Tie the center of the band into a bow.
  6. Fill with Mom’s favorite fresh flowers on Sunday morning.

Pringles Can Vase, How to Make a Pringles Can Vase Craft for Mother’s Day, Days of a Domestic Dad

* You can use a strip of packaging paper for the band and then tie a twine bow over it to make this a bit easier.

This project was fun and kept us both focused on the finished product. We are certain Mom is going to smile from ear to ear over the effort that went into this gift and the pretty teal color we chose for the straws. We can’t wait for Sunday morning!

Pringles Can Vase

If you want more ideas for paper crafts for Mother’s Day check out the website link.