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Road Trip Checklist

When well-planned, the classic road trip can be the best kind of getaway. You can enjoy the scenery whizzing by at ground level, and you have the freedom to stop and explore spontaneously. Many scenic highways have been made famous from the Blue Ridge Parkway in the East to the West coast’s Pacific Highway. A ride over the route from town to town can be a fascinating journey, but keep in mind that the needs for a successful trip are different than air or train travel. Here are 5 tips for happy trails on a road trip.

1. Pretrip auto check

Pre-trip auto maintenance is a must for a safe and comfortable trip. Check the windshield wipers, all fluid levels, hose and belt connections, lights, turn signals, brake lights, and tire pressure. Consider a complete professional inspection.

Check Engine Light #FordDriveSafe

2. Spare

Don’t overlook checking the condition of your spare tire. See that the treads are intact and it is properly pumped. If possible, swamp out your donut with a full-fledged tire.

3.Packing Light and Soft

One of the good things about road trips is that fresh clothes are as close as the nearest laundromat, and should your exploring lead you to need something special to wear, it can be bought along the way. Set a limit of one bag per passenger, and try to have them all use a soft duffle bag type of luggage. These can be compressed to save room in the trunk. Remember too, that a lighter load means better gas mileage.

Check Engine Light #FordDriveSafe

4. The Trunk

The trunk and the way it’s packed are very important on a road trip. Make sure that equipment to change a flat tire is within easy reach. Have plenty of bottled water, flares, reflectors, and a first aid kit accessible. Keep your favorite pain reliever handy, and a few extra doses of any prescription meds. Traveling itself can bring own tummy woes, and over-indulgence at different places to eat is common. Pepto-Bismol, that good old pink relief, can take care of upsets from diarrhea to indigestion.

Pepto Bunch of product[1]

5. Don’t forget the Pepto

Long trips can be a challenge in the car, and when digestive issues hit, they hit hard. Remember that everyone get traveling tummy woes. Be sure to pack some Pepto-Bismol that comes in a variety of flavors. It could keep the wheels rolling on the family road trip.

Did you know Pepto comes in forms besides liquid? It also comes in chewable, caplet and children’s forms which makes it easy to stay prepared at home and on the go.