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If pigskins are flying through the air, it must be football season. That means that getting ready for a game is important for both player and fans alike. While both groups have individuals who lean toward the grunge look, it’s always more appealing to see men who make grooming a regular part of their daily routine.

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Exactly how that takes place can come in a variety of ways, with four specific areas sitting at the top of any list. These are: Cleansing, Protecting, Styling and Hydrating, with all four components offering important steps toward maintaining a steady balance of the right look for every occasion.

Cleansing – This aspect of the grooming quartet generally focuses on three items to have handy: shampoo, soap/gel and body/face wash. With regard to the shampoo, using the right one is based on whether you have dry or naturally oily hair.

In addition, the addition of conditioner can be an important consideration for those looking to add a little body. For the soaps, washes and gels, having one that refreshes and invigorates the skin can be a real asset.

Protecting – Sweating is inevitable for football players, while those who watch it can build up some perspiration from the tense drama of a game. In both cases, preparing beforehand with anti-perspirant is the best plan of attack, with the dry variety working best.

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Styling – Wearing a helmet can create havoc for a man’s hair, while simply watching a game cause some men to want to pull their hair out. Regardless of where someone fits on this scale, maintaining hair that looks good in any situation is much easier when using products like styling gel, cream, paste or pomade.

Hydrating – Certain weather conditions during the course of a football season can lead to drying skin for players. Meanwhile, fans can stay hydrated in sober fashion by using items like spray lotion, shave gel or balm for post-shave conditioning. Each of them will last throughout any game and beyond.

The Value of Good Game Day Grooming

In these situations, being in close quarters is a given for player and fan alike, so planning ahead shows a clear grasp of the situation. It might be a blowout win for your team, it might be a down-to-the wire finish or it might be a crushing loss. Regardless of that final result, it’s always best to make sure that all the necessary precautions have been taken so that good grooming is always in the game and never a losing strategy. Giving your best in this category is always easy, whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran.

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NCAA Men’s Grooming at Walmart