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otterbox commuter case

Otterbox Commuter Case for the Samsung Note 3

Do you have a smartphone? Secondly, do you have a case for your smart phone? I am no stranger to smartphones, and the cost behind them to fix if broken. Recently I was given a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for working with the #VZWBUZZ team. I would hate to crack or break the screen on my Note 3 or even drop it to damage the inside components.

After searching online for the best and comfortable smartphone case, I decided to try out the Otterbox Commuter Case for the Galaxy Note 3. I have had a few Otterbox cases previously and have been overly satisfied with them. The Otterbox Commuter Case for the Galaxy Note 3 is no exception. The rugged rubber inner slip combined with the polycarbonate outer shell snugly fit to the Samsung Note 3.


otterbox commuter case

Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Note 3


  • Two layers of protection include inner slip cover and outer shell
  • Port covers keep dust out of the charging port, headphone jack and volume controls
  • All device features work properly right through the case
  • 1-year warranty otterbox commuter case


  • Synthetic rubber inner slip cover cushions the device from impact
  • Polycarbonate outer shell fits snugly around the slip cover
  • A self-adhering screen protector is included to guard against scratches
  • Dimensions
  • Weight: 2.24 oz / 63.50 g
  • Dimensions: 6.27 in (159.26 mm) x 3.47 in (88.14 mm) x 0.59 in (14.73 mm)
  • Packaging: 5.50 in x 1.13 in x 9.38 in

otterbox commuter case

Review Otterbox Commuter Case for the Galaxy Note 3

Overall I won’t be caught with out the Otterbox Commuter Case for my Galaxy Note 3. I have been using it for a couple weeks, and this Otterbox has saved my phone several times. My phone has been dropped down stair by my kids or tossed around at the air port check in station. It seems my smartphone has weathered plenty possible damaging opportunities.

After using Otterbox products for years now, I would recommend Otterbox to any consumer with a smartphone.