Disclosure: I was provided an hour long Laser Tag Party in return for a review. All opinions are my own.

Do you ever wish you can relive some parts of your inner childhood? Maybe even share them with your kids now? One thing I always try to share with my kids are times you have with your friends and family. Like playing freeze tag, tether ball, or four square on the school playground everyday. I know during the Summer months a few of my friends in the neighborhood would get together to play war, or have some sort of missions to complete. We would play for hours and hours into the evening, and would make tons of memories that would last a lifetime.

Just recently I had that chance to share something I had fun doing when I was younger. Thanks to the people over at GameTruck we were able to have a Laser Tag Party for our family.

laser tag party

We surprised the kids one Saturday with a little compeditive fun from the GameTruck. They set up about 10 inflatable obstacles in my in-laws back yard, and arm us with laser guns.

Next-Generation Equipment
Get your party moving with GameTruck’s next-generation laser tag. Precision taggers and quality obstacles get players up and outside, keeping them active and engaged while promoting positive game play and teamwork

GameTruck parties aren’t your standard indoor laser tag…we don’t just point-and-shoot, there are no cheesy bright lights and glowing laser beams. Our laser tag is similar to paintball, but with no pain, bruises or projectiles.

laser tag party

Players are broken in to teams and they collaborate to achieve the game goal. During their party, players will play lots of different game scenarios. Many of these they are familiar with from their favorite video games – which is how we make fantasy a reality! Game scenarios are gender neutral and can be modified for many ages. There is no limit to the unique games we can play.

laser tag party

They bring the party directly to the customer. This includes all of the equipment to setup a complete playing field and a GameCoach to manage the entire event. They can play indoors or outdoors, in daylight or at night.

laser tag party

Game play consists of players attempting to tag each other out while also collaborating to meet the objective. Taggers emit a harmless infrared beam (the same technology as a remote control). Once a player has been tagged a certain number of times, and their life is out, they have been “tagged out” for that game. Many games allow players to respawn and join back in. Players wear sashes or headbands with sensors that receive the infrared beam.

laser tag party

Our equipment is the most durable, precise, and high-end portable laser tag gear available. Made from the best metals and components, our taggers have a range of up to 1300 feet. Every tagger features a professional red dot scope for razor sharp accuracy. Fun sound effects alert players when they have been tagged out, or have tagged an opponent. The flexibility in our equipment allows us to spin on a dime and make adjustments even mid-game, instead of having to turn each tagger off and program settings individually. laser tag party

Connect with the GameTruck

The people at GameTruck have offered an alternative to the traditional birthday party, team building event, or even youth event. Please connect with them online, Facebook, and Twitter.