Maryland is unique when it comes to gambling and online poker. Many players from the state understand how much of a challenge it can be to play online poker in its territories.

The world’s best poker players have spent years

The state only provides fewer options for residents to play poker, but there are some opportunities for poker enthusiasts willing to explore. To begin with, online poker is not legal in the state, however, players can still enjoy the game on some dedicated sites, especially offshore sites.

In the face of these legal restrictions, you may need to search for credible and authorized sites if you want to enjoy the game in the state. Interested players can access Maryland’s popular poker sites on Top10Poker Sites and play for real money.

Most Recent Online Poker News in Maryland

The state legislature debated online poker a few years ago. Michael Busch, the state house speaker in 2012, included casino games and online poker in a legislative agenda. There wasn’t a detailed proposal on the process, but he intended to include online poker as a means to expand the gambling plan since many states were already moving in that direction. In the end, poker wasn’t included in the agenda because Busch believed it shouldn’t even be considered at the time. Since then, nothing hasn’t been said about casino or online poker games.

It may not be permanent, as there could be a change in the future. Neighboring states such as Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have since legalized casino games and online poker. However, over the past few years, there have been more and more casinos in the state, with poker room establishments having thousands of players who love gambling. Online gambling in Maryland has the potential to be a huge source of revenue for the state, like in other states in the US, but that’ll only happen when lawmakers do something about it.

Is Online Poker Legal in Maryland?

Regarding the legality of casino games or online poker, it is wiser not to rely on what you see online. However, according to Section 12-102 of Maryland laws, betting, wagering, or gambling is illegal. Other states clearly define gambling, but Maryland does not provide more information on the topic. Read resources at ConsumerShield and talk to a lawyer who has any experience with gambling laws in Maryland for more accurate information.

The state also doesn’t state a clear difference between gamblers and those with illegal gambling establishments; they all face harsher penalties or punishments than other neighboring states in the city. Section 12-103 of the law can potentially put poker lovers in trouble. The section prohibits any gaming device associated with gambling. It further describes a “gaming device” as anything involved in betting or wagering.

This law includes games, devices, gaming tables (except a pool table), or other equipment used to bet, wager, or gamble. Possession of such devices is a clear violation of the law. Another factor to consider is that these laws vary across counties in the state, so it’s best to find out the local laws in your county. As you have read, these laws are a bit complicated.

Will Maryland Regulate Online Poker?

Maryland will likely regulate poker in the future since the surrounding states have already legalized or are planning to legalize and offer online poker. Someday, as Maryland’s legislators agree to offer sports betting and horse racing as part of their gambling expansion, Online poker will be a part of this.

There is no doubt that the pressure is increasing from all directions, including neighboring states and how lawmakers in the state have to be educated. Hopefully, they’ll all have to learn and understand the impact of gambling in the form of casino games and online poker on revenue generation for the benefit of the state. They could also benefit from cross-promotion and other forms of advertising, like New Jersey.

However, today, there are poker platforms for poker lovers that are fully licensed by reputable regulatory bodies but aren’t regulated by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency.

Famous Maryland Poker Players

Believe it or not, despite the unfavorable online poker laws in the state, some people have won a fortune from playing online poker in Maryland.

1. Anthony Gregg ($12 million)

Anthony Gregg is a professional poker player who isn’t a fan of fame and stays low-key. He is known for his great successes, has gathered almost 12 million dollars from playing this card game in live tournaments, and is one of the top 50 highest earners in poker.

2. Gregory Merson ($11.4 million)

Greg Merson won the WSOP Main Event in 2012 for over $8.5 million after winning another event for more than $1.13 million. He also won the WSOP Player of the Year award in 2012 due to his successes.

3. Steve Dannenmann ($4.8 million)

Steve Dannenmann emerged as the runner-up at the 2005 WSOP Main Event. He won $4.25 million for second place.

4. Christian Harder ($4.6 million)

Christian Harder is a Maryland native known for his online poker history. He played in the toughest games online and built a solid reputation as a winning poker player.

5. Brock Parker ($3.8 million)

Brock Parker is a professional poker player from Maryland. He has won three WSOP bracelets and has made about $3.8 million playing card games.


Online poker in Maryland has not been legalized yet, but gaming establishments in the city have licenses to operate in the state. Since neighboring states have legalized online gambling and poker, there are expectations that the state will also fully legalize online poker and expand its gambling laws. Despite the current unfavorable online poker law, there are passionate poker players in the state, some of whom have won fortunes from playing the card game.

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