When it comes to what the future holds, we never know what could happen that will turn the world upside down. Since the pandemic, people have started to become more aware of the uncertainty of the economic state of a country, so they began making investments in order to maintain a stable living in any case.

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Such investments include high-yield savings accounts, cryptocurrency and rental housing. In the following paragraphs, we’ll analyze each of them and see which is best to commit. However, there are many other investment solutions for the long term, but these are the most common.

Savings account

A high-yield savings account is similar to a usual savings account, and what differentiates them is the amount of yield paid on your money. For example, the average yield on savings accounts is around 0.06%, while the high yield can get up to 0.60%. This account can help you keep your money safe while earning some interest.

The benefits of a high-yield saving account include the following:

  • Contribution to the emergency fund. Making regular deposits in this account will ensure safety against the market drop;
  • Short-term savings. If you want to save some money for a vacation, a high-yield account is best for this goal;

On the other hand, the disadvantages are:

  • Fewer options for long-term savings. High yield doesn’t pay enough interest for long-term goals to keep up with inflation;
  • Rigorous requirements. Having such an account may require you to provide a larger deposit to qualify for opening it;

If you wish to open such an account, here’s what to consider:

  • Annual percentage yield. Look for an account that pays a high rate of interest of at least 0.5% for a competitive portfolio;
  • Fees. If you want to avoid monthly payments for a saving account, make sure you meet all the requirements;


Cryptocurrencies are the latest in trend investments to make. Although they’re pretty controversial since they require people to get highly knowledgeable in the subject, they can provide high returns in the long run. However, you need to start slowly to build a balanced portfolio that protects you from the market’s volatility.

Cryptocurrencies are a good investment because:

  • They’re accessible to anyone. There are no restrictions on who uses them, and you have a considerable range of crypto to choose from;
  • You’re protected against inflation. Many cryptocurrencies act as a hedge against inflation through their coin supply;

However, cryptocurrencies are also:

  • Unstable. Given the volatility of the market, cryptocurrencies can suffer dramatic changes in price from one day to another;
  • Prone to experiencing regulations. Although cryptocurrencies don’t need another third party to function, governments may want to regulate them;

If you want to learn how to buy crypto, you need to have in mind the following:

  • Don’t be influenced by FOMO. Investments can make you buy or sell because of the instability of the price, but that will only negatively affect your portfolio;
  • Do your research. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two complex environments, and you need to understand them thoroughly before making any considerable investments;

Rental housing

Rental housing requires you to have a house, an apartment, or another building that you don’t use and don’t rely on. If it’s an old building, you need to make an investment and redesign and remake it totally, so you need to decide if it’s worth the time or not. Or, if you can purchase one, you need to be ready to maintain it for the long term.

Rental housing is a wise investment because:

  • You can manage your properties. Owing your building gives you the freedom to choose what to do with it;
  • It generates regular cash flow. People will always need a place to rent, so you’ll never wait for people to contact you for a place to live;

However, it has its drawbacks:

  • Things can get damaged. Since you’re the landlord, you need to be prepared financially to cover any damaged pipes or appliances in the house;
  • Taxes are constantly rising. Since the lasts housing crisis, taxes and rents have increased tremendously, so you need to keep up with the market requirements;

If you choose this investment as profitable for you, you need to pick between:

  • Financing it through a sizable down payment, turning to a local bank or asking for owner financing;
  • Buying it outright if you have the means to;

Why your family needs an investment assurance now

Having kids and lots of responsibilities for the future puts you in a position to produce, but that’s not possible without a financial plan. As parents (or future parents) you need to consider any impossible occurrences and be ready to face them financially and emotionally. However, it would be best to be prepared for any health emergency or for repairing something around the house, so you need to tailor a plan for your investments.

First, you need to know what your goals are. Do you want to save some money for a new car or save long-term for your child’s college fund? A short-term or long-term vision of what you want to do is essential. However, don’t plan something that you won’t be able to achieve. Consider your earnings and expenses, and think more about the present needs. Your investments should come after paying all bills, debts and shopping expenses that month so that the rest can pile up increasingly.

Knowing your limits regarding how much you can save is also important. It’s good to refrain from unnecessary things you think you need, but that doesn’t mean you need to live poorly to put your savings in place. This can allow you to live an everyday life while being prepared for any inconvenience.

Final thoughts

Having a family is the best thing ever, but you need to figure out a way to provide financial safety and security for the long term. Therefore, a financial plan can help you save money and invest in another income source for unexpected situations or big plans for the future.

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