Several US states are prone to experiencing tornados a few months out of the year. These states are sometimes referred to as “Tornado Alley.” If you live there, you should know about that and have homeowners insurance.

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You should also think about the building materials that comprise your home. For instance, you will want to consider the materials that go into making your roof. You should look into metal roofing since that is a favorite of home builders in Tornado Alley.

Why is metal roofing a good choice for this part of the country? We’ll discuss that in the following article.

What is Metal Roofing?

The term “metal roofing” is a catchall for roofing systems that involve installing metal tiles or pieces. These pieces are often interconnected.

Aside from what they can do for homeowners in tornado-prone areas, many consumers like this roof style because it lasts a long time. It demonstrates impermeability to water, and it is also resistant to corrosion.

When you get metal roofing, it could be corrugated metal. It could be stone-coated steel, zinc, copper, aluminum, or something else entirely.

Why Is It a Good Choice for Tornado-Prone Sections of the Country?

In tornados, objects on the ground are battered by high winds. If they are light enough, and if the winds from the tornado are strong enough, house components can even be lifted into the air and whirled around before they are deposited on the ground again somewhere else.

A house that is directly in the path of a tornado is likely to be destroyed, regardless of the roof’s composition. However, a home that is close to a tornado is much less likely to suffer roof damage if that roof is made up of metal sheeting.

That is because metal roofs are made of fewer pieces than other kinds. The idea behind using metal roofing components in tornado-prone areas is that if a tornado touches down close by, the high winds will have a harder time finding purchase on the roof.

There are not as many individual items for the wind to latch onto, so it is less likely to catch hold of something and pull it away from the rest of the house. A different kind of roofing, especially one that is made up of many individual sections, such as tiles, is much more inclined to suffer serious damage.  

How Much Does Metal Roofing Usually Cost to Install?

If you move to a state where tornadoes happen frequently, you may be lucky enough to find a house that already has metal roofing. Even if you buy a home without it, though, you can usually install it easily enough.

Getting a metal roof usually costs anywhere from $9K to $16K, give or take. Your new roof’s cost will usually land somewhere in the middle of that. That price tag might make a new roof seem too costly for you, but if a tornado hits your town, your roof is not as likely to sustain damage.

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