Certain conditions might require your home to be upgraded, and the roof is among the vital areas to consider. You can replace the roof probably due to deterioration from elements like storms, or it might be due to safety reasons. Although a roofing makeover can be expensive, it can be worth it in the long run.

Why You Need To Perform Regular Roof

Roofing Makeover

A makeover will likely increase your house’s real estate value, safety, and durability.  Here is how your home might benefit from a roofing makeover. 

Increase Value

If you intend to sell your home, it is worth it to replace the roof. In this case, you might need to consult experts like City Seamless Roofing to recommend the best options in the market. In some cases, the roof might be in good condition, but replacing it will likely attract more clients since it boosts the confidence among potential buyers. Below are some of the roof replacement options to note: 

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs guarantee durability and come with low maintenance, and are conducive for regions that experience high snowing rates. The durability aspects will likely increase your return on investment. However, it is worth noting that metal roofs can be expensive. 

Offers for this type of roofing you can check on Lacey Roofing website, also they can help you to choose the best option for your house. Besides metal roofing, they are offering different roofing options and many other roofing services.

Asphalt Shingle Roof 

This is the common type of roof used. It is easy to install and comes with benefits like waterproof and sturdy. Asphalt shingles roofs are less expensive compared to metal. Although they are popular, asphalt shingle roof lifespan is half compared to metal ones. 

Improved Safety 

Old and damaged roofs carry the load of safety concerns. Some of the safety risks include mold growth resulting from water leaks. Mold damage can also pose health risks, especially to individuals with respiratory conditions. Ice dams are also another concern since they can be dangerous to those walking around. Structural damage should also compel a homeowner to replace the roof. They can potentially result in a roof collapse. To alleviate these risks, go for roofing materials that guarantee durability and are impact resistant. 

Energy Efficiency 

Modern roofing materials are designed to repel heat, preventing the house from overheating. In this case, less heat reaching the house means that the house HVAC system works less while keeping your home cool with regulated temperatures, saving energy and money. Worth noting is that when a roof’s lifespan is nearing its end, it will likely let in more heat due to factors like gaps and air leaks. Additionally, while reconsidering the new roof, look at the color. In some cases, roofs with dark-colored shingles absorb more heat than lighter-colored shingles. 

Sustain Home Insurance

The roofing condition significantly impacts home insurance coverage for your home. Some insurers provide minimal cover to houses with older roofs, and the cap is always around 20 years. To avoid losing your cover, a roofing makeover will be beneficial in the long run. However, before reinstalling the roof, contact your insurer to understand what is covered and if the company will handle the costs. 

Healthy Home 

Roofs with defects might fail to repel moisture away from the house and the build-up can have dire consequences like creating room for mold to grow. Accumulation of mold can lead to health problems. Additionally, mold growth also impacts the quality of air reaching the house. A new roof will maintain the home’s climate while offering a health guarantee for the dwellers. 


To keep your home safe and comfortable, the state of your roof plays an important role. There is a need to keep your roof in peak condition. With the benefits of a roofing makeover, you need to consult experts on the available options.  Experts will be in a position to recommend new technology materials that will improve your home’s value. 

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